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[Interview] Joo Ji Hoon Talks about Having to Act with 30 Nude Women

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2015.05.17 11:00 Newsen Kim Hyung woo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Joo Ji Hoon admitted to feeling very burdened, acting alongside a group of naked ladies.

On May 12, Joo Ji Hoon carried out an interview at a cafe in Samcheong-dong talking about his upcoming movie, The Treacherous. He shared, "It was obviously very uncomfortable for me as a man to work with a large group of naked ladies."

"Meaningless misunderstandings can form, and because there were a lot of women, it′s true that it bothered me a lot," said Joo Ji Hoon. "My words and my actions could cause misunderstandings. Even though it was only acting, I couldn′t help but to pay close attention to the overall atmosphere of the filming."

[Interview] Joo Ji Hoon Talks about Having to Act with 30 Nude Women

"If the atmosphere goes in the wrong direction, it gets hard to act. I always have to be careful with my words and actions," added Joo Ji Hoon. "The number of scenes where I filmed with an average of 30 women wasn′t small. I think the actresses got used to it after awhile, because they started acting really comfortably. I joked around saying, ′Although you don′t see me as a man, aren′t you acting too comfortably?′"

"They acted while wearing just a hanbok during the winter. The actresses really suffered through a lot. Some of them would faint as soon as the filming was over," explained Joo Ji Hoon. "Even though I couldn′t personally take care of them, I asked the staff to be very considerate of them."

Joo Ji Hoon′s upcoming new movie, The Treacherous is about a man, who made political moves by offering women to the king during the Choseon era. The movie will draw upon real events where a king was given 10,000 women during his reign.

It premieres on May 21.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Lee Jae Ha

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