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[Director′s Commentary/Video] BEAST Jang Hyun Seung Declares You′re His First in ′Ma First′ MV

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2015.05.08 18:28 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Collaborating with Giri Boy, BEAST′s Jang Hyun Seung made his solo debut with My First.

[Director′s Commentary/Video] BEAST Jang Hyun Seung Declares You′re His First in ′Ma First′ MV

On May 8, Jang Hyun Seung dropped his first solo mini album My, along with the music video for his title song My First. In the music video, he chases after the pretty lady of his dreams, played by new actress Hwang Sung Eon.

The music video was shot by ZanyBros, whom you can find out more about in our exclusive interview.

As part of our special Director′s Commentary series with ZanyBros, the directors will share episodes and stories from the music video set.

Check out the music video below and read on for the Director′s Commentary.

Q: How was it to work with Jang Hyun Seung as a soloist for the first time?

ZanyBros (Director Hong Won Ki): Since we worked together many times before and I have known him for a long time, it felt great to finally work on his solo project.

Q: What is the music video concept? Story?

ZanyBros: It′s a secret, I want the viewers to interpret the story themselves (maybe it′ll say a little about their personalitites, since every person may view it differently). The main concept was to highlight Jang Hyun Seung as an artist, so we made it cute, sexy and included the performance aspect to show his dance skills.

Q: What did Jang Hyun Seung think about the concept? Did he make suggestions for the MV?

ZanyBros: Yes, he was very involved in all the perfomance scenes. For him it was very important to make it perfect.

Q: Any weird or funny stories with Jang Hyun Seung/Giri Boy that happened during filming?

ZanyBros: Many fun episodes to mention. For example, he accidentally pushed a dancer too hard in the club scene, so he immediately apologized and felt bad, but they all laughed about it for a long time and kept joking about it.

Q: What was the hardest and easiest part of filming this music video?

ZanyBros: There wasn′t really anything hard for us to film, it was just fun. I remember laughing more than being stressed about anything on set. It was probably harder for Jang Hyun Seung to do all the sexy scenes and the choreography so many times.

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Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

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