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Girl’s Day Minah Says She Was Once Offered to Appear on ‘We Got Married’

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2015.05.01 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Becoming one with flowers, Girl’s Day Minah participated in a photo shoot and interview with star style magazine @star1.

Posing with flowers, Minah revealed that she likes looking at flowers. “But getting them as a present… I don’t know. Flowers wither quickly. When flowers wither, it feels like I’m also withering away, so I don’t really want them. I think flowers are the most beautiful when they’re in full bloom.”

Minah began talking about her first solo album, sharing that she didn’t want a bright concept and was fairly satisfied with the results. “I actually don’t like the cute concept. Even in music, I like listening to R&B, soul or Jazz. Because I appear on variety shows along with Girl’s Day activities, I got this image of ‘Minah=Bright kid.’ So I wanted to show my actual self through this solo album. With the feeling of a woman with a twist!”

Girl’s Day Minah Says She Was Once Offered to Appear on ‘We Got Married’

When asked if there were any variety programs she wanted to appear on, Minah replied, “Hands down jTBC’s Abnormal Summit. It’s a program that I really love. A person I know that appeared on the program said being there is even more fun, so I want to appear on it once.”

“A while back, I was offered to appear on We Got Married. It wasn’t a confirmation but as I said, just an offer. But a while after, some other people appeared on it. It was SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun,” shared Minah, talking about variety programs. “I haven’t gotten any offers for Real Man.”

Girl’s Day Minah Says She Was Once Offered to Appear on ‘We Got Married’

“I’m a huge fan of KBS’ Return of Superman, so when I saw [the interviewer]’s monitor and there was a picture of Seo Jun, I couldn’t help but smile. But aren’t Seo Jun and Seo Eon so beautiful? Because the twins started talking, they’re so much more adorable. The triplets are cute too.”

When told to go see the triplets in person, Minah answered, “I want to see the babies only on TV. I think it’ll be stressful for them if I go and act like I know them and take pictures. There are times when I get burdened by people asking me for pictures when I’m off-schedule, so imagine how much more burdensome it must be for kids who aren’t even celebrities. I think it’s best to just watch them on TV. They’re adorable enough already.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the May issue of @star1.

Photo Credit: @star1

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