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VIXX Ravi Talks about iKON Bobby′s Diss Rap

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2015.05.01 13:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Despite four years of experience in the business and much success, VIXX has remained humble, constantly working to get to the top.

Through an interview with star style magazine, @star1, the VIXX members shared their thoughts about success, struggles and fans.

VIXX Ravi Talks about iKON Bobby′s Diss Rap

With eight number one wins for Love Equation, VIXX seems to be at the top of the game, but the members thought differently.

“We don’t think we’re at our prime right now. Since our debut until now, we′ve never thought that we’ve hit the jackpot,” explained Ravi. “But as we hoped for, we’re quite satisfied being able to show everyone that we’re growing little by little. Because we had times when we struggled, we were able to not forget where we came from. Please look forward to VIXX as we continue to grow.”

“There are two things that I’ve mediated on since I became a singer. The first is sticking to the basics and the second is effort,” added Leo. “Because we know very well that we are people that are lacking, we haven’t lost the basics.”

Regarding how they′ve managed to stay alive in a competitive industry, Ravi shared, “It’s all because of the members, who always work hard, our agency that takes care of us, and our fans. When an idol group breaks up or disappears because of lacking results, it feels like our own business. A new image that everyone can like, something that only VIXX can do well – that’s what we thought and worked hard on.”

“A lot of people joke saying, ‘Vampire, cyborg, what are you going to do next?’ I believe that′s one homework assignment that we have to do for the future.”

VIXX Ravi Talks about iKON Bobby′s Diss Rap

Directing questions, more specifically, at Ravi, @star1 asked about his response to iKON Bobby’s diss song, especially as it gained him the nickname of ‘hip-hop dove.’

“I didn’t write lyrics of peace on purpose. And I didn’t write the lyrics thinking that I had to diss Bobby. I’m the type of guy who thinks it doesn’t matter if you fight when it’s time to fight, but I didn’t think it was time to fight there,” explained Ravi.

“I didn’t even know that Bobby wrote lyrics that dissed some idols until last year’s MAMA when Rap Monster replied to Bobby and it became an issue. I don’t know for sure if Bobby wrote the lyrics specifically aiming at VIXX, but many people thought that, and in that situation, I thought our fans would become upset. So I thought I couldn’t just sit there and I decided to share my thoughts.”

He then added, “Of course, my thought that Bobby is still a talented rapper has not changed.”

VIXX Ravi Talks about iKON Bobby′s Diss Rap

With many years ahead of them, the VIXX members were asked about what kind of future they dreamed for the group.

“Because we have a lot of things we want to achieve, we have a long way to go,” said Hong Bin. “We’ve shown a lot of unique concepts, but it’s also important to reach the public and become a group that’s loved by many. We need a process where we maintain VIXX’s colors but still attract the public.”

“Without our fan club Starlight, VIXX wouldn’t have been able to shine on its own. We’re always receiving from fans, so in order to repay the continuous love, we want to be singers who can give music that fans will be proud of and a stage that will move their hearts.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the May issue.

Photo Credit: @star1

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