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Big Bang Delivers Satisfaction and Excitement at ′Made′ Concert to 26,000 Fans

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2015.04.27 11:55 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Greeting over 26,000 fans, Big Bang opened the doors to its upcoming world tour.

On April 25 and 26, Big Bang held its first world tour concert for Made at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Hall in Seoul. The concert grabbed much attention as it would be the place where Big Bang will reveal its new songs after three years since its last album, Still Alive.

Big Bang Delivers Satisfaction and Excitement at ′Made′ Concert to 26,000 Fans

Satisfying all expectations and excitement, the Big Bang members proved why they were one of the top groups in Korea with their upgraded performances. Starting the concert with Fansatic Baby and consecutively leading into Tonight and Stupid Liar, Big Bang heated up the stadium from the beginning.

"It′s the last concert in Seoul (of the tour). I′m extremely excited. I hope you can enjoy it until the end. I hope you′ll use up all your energy here." T.O.P also added, "We′ve returned after around three years and a half with new songs."

Performing an acoustic version of Haru Haru, Big Bang oozed with different charms, following it up with the energetic How Gee and Feeling.

Then giving what the fans have been desiring for so long, Big Bang played the music video for the new song Loser, along with a performance right after. Singing about how they feel like losers, the Big Bang members brought the song to life through a unique stage using mirrors. The high quality song and performance were enough to satisfy the thirst of three years.

"Honestly, compared to other concerts, the stage where we meet everyone in Seoul makes me the most nervous," said Taeyang. "Did you like Loser? Then sing along!"

Despite the fact that the song was only revealed for the first time in the first day′s concert, the 16,000 fans that came on the second day were able to sing along, creating an amazing moment of unity in song.

Big Bang Delivers Satisfaction and Excitement at ′Made′ Concert to 26,000 Fans

Showing what they′ve been doing for the past three years, the members all individually performed their hit songs as solo artists and unit groups. Seungri performed with Strong Baby, Daesung with Wings, T.O.P with Doomdada, Taeyang with Eyes Nose Lips, Tae Yang and G-Dragon with Good Boy, and finally, G-Dragon with Crooked.

The grand reveal of Big Bang′s second song Bae Bae soon followed. As a romantic song that promises that love won′t ever change, Bae Bae gave a different color and charm compared to Loser. The addictive lyrics of ′sticky rice cake′ and ′well-suited′ is expected to become a new hit.

Following the Bae Bae performance, G-Dragon shared, "After the solo promotions, I hit a slump. I was burdened that the album had to come out well. But as I got into it, everything just happened. I had the thought that I just need to do it. Beginning this year, the members and I worked really hard on the production."

Daesung added, "We want to meet everyone for a long, long time, and we′ll be putting our all into the Big Bang album this year. I′ll be thankful if you send lots of love and support."

"Because we′re performing for the first in a while, I′m feeling just how big the passion of Korean fans are," said T.O.P, thanking the fans.

Starting May 1 with Loser and Bae Bae, Big Bang will release two songs in project single albums every month, and in September, the full album Made will be released.

Regarding this, G-Dragon stated, "From our rookie days, we didn′t think we were more outstanding than anyone else, but because of luck, we were able to met all of you and good people that we′re able to put on a great stage like this one. It′s been about three years since our last album promotions. I′m sorry for not appearing on broadcast and always being abroad. Because we wanted to gift you with good presents for a long time, we decided to reveal two songs each month. They′re not just additional tracks on the album, but they′re all title songs. I have confidence in them. Please enjoy it until September, and I hope to perform here then as well."

As the finale stage, Big Bang performed Final Goodbye, leaving fans with new anticipation and excitement to the end of the three-year waiting period and the beginning of something new.

Big Bang′s world tour is expected to be of the largest scale that a Korean artist has ever had. The group′s first tour Alive Tour traveled around 12 countries with 800,000 audience members, but this upcoming tour will hit 15 different countries around the world with 70 concerts and an estimate of 1,400,000 fans.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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