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Sung Yuri Reveals How Fin.K.L Got Revenge on an Anti-Fan

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2015.04.21 11:23 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Looking back on her glory days of being an idol girl group member, Sung Yuri shared about how Fin.K.L got revenge on an anti-fan.

On April 20, SBS′ Healing Camp showed Jung Ryeo Won and Sung Yuri going to Japan for a healing trip.

On the train, they began to talk about their anti-fans from the past. Sung Yuri said that all girls wearing school uniforms pretty much hated Fin.K.L. "I automatically assumed, ′female students are people who hate me.′ When I still see female students in uniforms, I′m still scared like something′s going to come flying at me."

Sung Yuri Reveals How Fin.K.L Got Revenge on an Anti-Fan

Jung Ryeo Won then shared how anti-fans tortured Chakra, leading into Sung Yuri talking about how once, the Fin.K.L members got their revenge.

"We were at a beauty salon when this girl came up to us saying she was a fan. She handed us a letter. Later, when we opened it, it was a picture with our eyes gouged out and things like that," said Sung Yuri. "At that point, we were so fed up with it and just waiting for one person to get caught."

She explained that they turned the van around to go back to that anti-fan. "We saw her and sweetly said, ′You gave us the fan letter before, right? Come here for a second.′ We brought her to the van...and then she also got in."

Sung Yuri Reveals How Fin.K.L Got Revenge on an Anti-Fan

"She probably didn′t know we opened the letter, or was too innocent and young because she was only in junior high or high school," continued Sung Yuri. "She got in, and the four of us crossed our arms and said, ′Why did you do this? Where is your school?′"

Sung Yuri said that the members actually called up her homeroom teacher and reported the student.

"Then rumors spread that we shouldn′t be messed with, because after that, it got a lot better," said Sung Yuri.

In a hilarious turn of events, Sung Yuri then added that her stylist′s friend was the one Fin.K.L took in their van. "She told me, ′[The friend] asked me to tell you that she was really sorry back then.′"

Photo Credit: SBS

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