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[Interview] Lim Seulong Explains Why He Left JYP

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2015.04.19 11:00 Newsen Jeon Ah Ram Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Singer-turned-actor Lim Seulong posed for pictures and sat down for an interview with Newsen.

Following the recent conclusion of tvN′s Hogu′s Love, Lim Seulong shared about his co-stars to Newsen.

"Uee and I promoted at the same time since we were young, so we are pretty close. She lost a lot of weight and got very beautiful. Uee has a really good energy and is very good-natured. I was influenced greatly by her positive energy," said Lim Seulong.

About Lee Soo Kyung, Lim Seulong shared, "She′s nine years younger than I am, but we hit it off well. Soo Kyung is really good at acting. She works hard but she′s also a natural. I liked her as a partner and received a lot of help. After our kiss scene, we teased each other saying, ′your skills are above average.′"

Regarding the romance with Choi Woo Sik as he acted as a man confused about his sexuality, Lim Seulong explained, "Actually, when I filmed with Woo Sik, whenever we locked eyes, we burst out laughing. For more intimate scenes, we tried to make it even more extreme on purpose as a joke, so we filmed while having a lot of fun."

"When we were filming the kiss scene, Woo Sik really fell asleep. We would film 22 hours a day, so being tired was expected. If he was in his right state of mind, we would have laughed so much that we wouldn′t have been able to film, but he kept on sleeping," explained Lim Seulong. "So we were able to film it with no problem, but regarding the filming of that scene, Uee said it was ′dirty.′ Truthfully, I was more nervous filming then than later with Soo Kyung."

[Interview] Lim Seulong Explains Why He Left JYP

Having recently left JYP Entertainment, his nest for 10 years, and signed with SidusHQ, Lim Seulong talked about why he changed agencies.

"I really like JYP as 2AM, and I respect Park Jin Young hyung more than anyone in the world. He truly is an amazing person and someone who shaped my 20s. I learned a lot from JYP," explained Lim Seulong. "I′m 29 years old now and I keep having goals and challenges that I want to face. I needed to find an agency that could create them well for me. Then I met SidusHQ."

"Because I was in JYP for such a long time, it wasn′t an easy decision. I talked it out with Jin Young hyung. He wasn′t hurt from it. Because it was a decision that came after working hard during promotions and was to head towards a better direction, he cheered me on and told me he was proud of me," said Lim Seulong on the beautiful departure from JYP Entertainment.

But with Lim Seulong and Jung Jin Woon leaving JYP, rumors of discord in 2AM naturally came up.

"We′re all on good terms. Actually, a day before the articles about the members going to different companies came out, in our group chat room, we said, ′Articles about disbanding and discord are probably going to come out.′ But because it wasn′t true, we told each other not to react strongly toward it. We believed that honest articles will solve everthing."

"We haven′t decided on the exact details of 2AM promotions. I don′t even know my schedules next month. I can′t tell you with certainty what′s going to happen, but I will say that we will get back together again. We′re still close and spend time with each other like brothers."

When asked about his actual dating style and ideal type, Lim Seulong said, "I′m like Hogu. I tend to give everything. It′s been awhile since I dated. It′s been over a year. I don′t have a girlfriend right now. I actually never had thoughts about marriage, but that changed recently. I think it′s family that will help with loneliness and in times of struggles."

"My ideal type is still Shin Mina."

Photo Credit: Lee Jae Ha

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