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[Twitter Roundup] Shinhwa Continues Being Weird, FTISLAND′s Lee Hong Gi Thanks SHCJs and More

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2015.04.01 19:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The SNS world is quick and always on the move, so we capture some of the day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Check it all out!

Wrapping up Sniper promotions, Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo went on a posting frenzy, keeping fans updated on the shenanigans the Shinhwa members were up to while "Waiting...^^"

We don′t even know what′s going on in this picture and why there′s a chair on Eric.

Thanking fans, including fans of Shinhwa, who cheered FTISLAND on during Show Champion pre-recordings, FTISLAND′s Lee Hong Gi wrote, "Good job, good job! #ShinhwaChangJo thank you!"

Getting the countdown started, SNSD′s Taeyeon wrote, "D-9 #CatchMeIfYouCan #GG."

Look forward to SNSD′s new song!

Sitting by the pool, 2NE1′s CL shared, "PRETTY GZBZ LUV ME @stellamaxwell."

EXO′s Baekhyun got ready, as he wrote, "Transforming! #peekaboo #TheEXOluXion."

Super Junior′s Kangin hit the salon as he "Finished preparing for work~~~~"

After School′s Uee marked the end of her drama, Hogu′s Love, writing, "I was so happy and so happy again. Thank you and thank you again. I love you Hogu′s Love!!! I′ll never forget you Do Do Hee!"

We were scrolling down Instagram when we came across this selfie of Jonghyun with the description: "Hello. I′m Shinee′s bling bling Jonghyun~ Stay. It′s a dejavu~~~ I think I′ve seen you somewhere."

Then we laughed, because the Instagram ID read, "ajol_llama."

Big Bang′s G-Dragon posted a picture with his crew, writing, "NOTHINGNNOTHING."

Photo Credit: The SNS of all stars mentioned above

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