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Will ′A Thousand Days’ Promise′ Be Another Kim Su Hyun Success?

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2011.10.13 09:52 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

While most of the focus on SBS′s new drama A Thousand Days’ Promise has been centered on the two leads, Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won, writer Kim Su Hyun deserves some of the attention as well.

Known for reaching deep into her viewers′ hearts, Kim Su Hyun is behind the dramas Mom’s Dead Upset, Precious Family, Men of the Bath House, My Man’s Woman and Trap of Youth.

A Thousand Days’ Promise tells of two lovers caught in a relationship destined for a sad ending. The main characters Park Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won), who will soon be married, and Lee Seo Yeon (Soo Ae), who tries to protect her own love, will come to be entangled in a passionate love.

Will ′A Thousand Days’ Promise′ Be Another Kim Su Hyun Success?

The drama’s love story was revealed in a preview shown on the October 11 A Thousand Days’ Promise press conference, and grabbed everyone′s attention with a rough bed scene between Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won) and Seo Yeon (Soo Ae).

But while that was the scene to hook everyone, the love story between the two characters was the thing that kept viewers engaged. In the scene where the two stood together under a spotless sky with only the wind blowing between them, everyone watching could feel their lonesomeness and sad emotions. Warning: If you′re not into crying while watching dramas, stay away. Soo Ae’s eyes, brimming with tears, will most certainly cause you to come to tears.

Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won revealed that they were putting all their efforts into trying to understand writer Kim Su Hyun’s intentions.

“Actually when I was serving in the military, I read a lot of different scenarios, but I chose Kim Su Hyun’s piece for my comeback,” Kim Rae Won said. “Because of that I’m trying to quench my thirst for acting as I shoot this drama and I’m also pouring my passion into it.”

Soo Ae said, “I wanted to rest after Athena: Goddess of War, but after reading the script [for this drama] I immediately chose it. I’m worried on whether I can live up to the brilliant profoundness of the work. But I’m trying hard not to get the dialogue wrong so that the message of the writer will be able to get through.”

Kim Su Hyun is famed for never shying away from the more sensitive issues of society, shown, for example, in her depiction of homosexuals in Life is Beautiful. That the morally denounced topic of extramarital love affairs was also able to air with approval was proof of Kim Su Hyun’s power as a writer.

This time she’ll be writing about how a woman named Seo Yeon tries to protect her love while her memory erodes away, and how she says goodbye to the world because of her disease. The male lead will be depicting a man who is indecisive in the face of love.

PD Jung Eul Young, who had previously worked with Kim Su Hyun for the dramas Fireworks and My Man’s Woman, said, “I’ve been working with Kim Su Hyun for 20 years now. I think this piece will be telling a sad story. It will let the viewers empathize with its heartwarming story.”

A Thousand Days’ Promise, the work of scriptwriter Kim Su Hyun, PD Jung Eul Young, the young actors Soo Ae, Kim Rae Won, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Sang Woo, and the veteran actors Park Young Kyu, Kim Hae Suk and Lee Mi Suk, will air its first episode on October 17.

Photo credit: SBS

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