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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 10: To You Who Wish Me Despair

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2015.03.16 19:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The secret behind Hera′s father and Empire Entertainment′s CEO has been revealed, opening up new possibilities to where this story could go and adding revenge into the mixture.

Things aren′t that wonderful within the 789 team either. Se Jong being honest in all the wrong settings, putting Ray in an uncomfortable spot, while poor Henry is put out in the cold by his friends and Sa Ki Joon is about to ruin Jang Goon′s life.

Too many conflicts happened in episode 10, leaving this dirty, unsatisfied bitter taste in our mouths.

Music Covered in Episode 10

Cho Yong Pil - Bounce (789 performance at university event)
Kim Hyung Joong - She′s Smiling (Hera, Ray, Woori, Jang Goon performance)
Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl (789 performance on music program)
miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl (Hera and Woori′s performance at restaurant)
g.o.d - Road/Lie (Henry′s solo performance)

Filming Staff: An Impact member provoked another star in the middle of filming and filming stopped.
He said the star talked informally to him and started cursing. It′s not a variety, it′s UFC!

This jab at the recent Lee Tae Im cursing incident.
And parody of tvN Three Meals′s Ssancho. (so adorable!)

Ajusshi: Your father made a special request for his one and only son going out on broadcast!
You know, delivery all the way from Incheon is quite tough,
But he said eat well and sing well!

Jang Goon′s face lighting up hearing that his father supports his music career.
That definitely put a smile on our faces.
Along with the jealousy written all over Sa Ki Joon′s face.

We asked for a cute drinking scene between Se Jong and Ray again, but this was not what we expected.

The world′s most awkward drinking setting... and poor Ray for having to sit through Se Jong and Hera′s drunk confessions.

Pretty messed up, yo.

And then...we find out what a @#$#!#% the Empire Entertainment CEO is.

As if he couldn′t get any more evil.

We can′t wait until he goes downhill.

Henry′s amazing solo deserves to be spotlighted, because it was simply beautiful.

We would have remembered your birthday, Henry. TT^TT

OMG Scarlet, we never really liked you, but if you just overlook this once, we′ll take back all the things we said about you!

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