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Shinhwa Expresses Pride in 17 Years of Activities and Over 100 Music Videos

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2015.02.22 13:00 Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung

The oppas are coming back.

After 17 years as an idol group, Shinhwa has reunited once again.

Ahead of its 12th album We comeback on Feburary 26, Shinhwa participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine, Grazia for its second anniversary. Despite being in the middle of packed schedules for their comeback preparations, the six men were more busy laughing and playing jokes on each other whenever they met eyes. In other words, the shoot took place in a warm and positive atmosphere.

Wearing comfortable clothing, such as bathrobes, pajamas and tracksuits in front of the camera, the six men played around like children, making it hard to believe they were all in their 30s.

Within the candid atmosphere, it was possible to feel the strength of 17 years time. The invisible bond that connected the members didn′t even really need to be mentioned.

During the interview, each member revealed their affection and pride towards Shinhwa′s activities.

"There are over 100 music videos that we filmed as Shinhwa. Whenever I see them, I feel so satisfied and proud," said Lee Min Woo.

Andy added, "Whenever Shinhwa activities begin, everyone gets pumped. More than promoting alone, we fill in each other′s empty spaces when we′re together as six."

"Whenever Shinhwa promotes together, it feels like a detached robot that comes back together again," said Kim Dong Wan. "When we′re together, our power gets stronger, right?"

"Now that Shinhwa Changjo (Shinhwa′s fanclub) is back up again, the fans seem to be preparing a huge union. We can see the communities and fanclubs of each member moving together. We made our 12th album title We, and with fans becoming one too, I think it′s pretty cool," shared Eric.

Shinhwa Expresses Pride in 17 Years of Activities and Over 100 Music Videos

Continuing, Jun Jin added, "Sometimes, all the things that happened in the past 17 years pass by quickly in my head. Then I think that I should work even harder."

Bringing a conclusion to the interview, Shin Hye Sung shared, "This might be a very typical answer, but I′m really anticipating and curious about the reactions of people when they hear the album for the first time."

Showcasing 17 years of experience, Shinhwa′s pictorial and interview will be released in the second anniversary issue of Grazia on February 16.

Photo Credit: Grazia

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