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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 6 - Breaking Free from Restraints

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2015.02.20 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Distance and waiting makes the heart grow fonder, and we definitely saw that between Hera and Ray, which makes us a little sad for Se Jong, who goes through quite an ordeal in this episode.

But will jealousy finally push Se Jong to act with his heart? We sure hope so.

Music Covered in Episode 6

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense (789 UCC video)
Lim Ki Hoon - This Day that I Met You (Hera and Ray′s duet song)
Kim Kwang Jin - The Truth (789)
Kim Jung Eun - I Love You (covered by U Sung Eun/Woori during search for Hera)
Noel - Fate (Se Jong′s performance on Moon Hee Jun′s show)
Cool - A Small Wait (Ray and Woori′s duet song)

This Pentatonix-inspired parody of Brown Eyed Girls′ Sixth Sense
We love how they fixed up their names as well

Se Jong: Sunbae…why don′t you stop now?

Scarlet: What?

Se Jong: The more you do this, the harder it gets to solve everything.

Scarlet: So I was thinking long and hard about our relationship,
and if it′s too hard to date in real life, and since it′s already like this with people watching,
how about a contract relationship?
A contract relationship is better than fake dating!
A dad becomes a brother, and a stranger becomes a dear.
A relationship contract becomes a real dat-

Se Jong: No.
So, stop trying to make things bigger.

We love Se Jong for being a brick wall towards Scarlet.

Ray: You shouldn′t wait if you couldn′t get in touch with me and I didn′t come back in time.

Gu Hera: How can I not wait?
You said, you would come by quickly and to wait.
And I couldn′t even contact you..

Ray: I′m sorry. I′m sorry.

Lesson: Don′t be late to anything, especially when setting up a schedule with people who have a trauma about waiting.

Yeah, Gu Hera… we don′t think you′re ever going to win this battle.

And insert jealous rage.

Grace: I don′t need your pity!
I′m so okay!

OMG, Grace…is Scarlet….

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