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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 4 - Will You Come Back to Me

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2015.02.19 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The huge birth secret gets out, fake twin brother dislikes real twin brother, disapproval of a father stings our hearts, and a wall gets broken (literally) to get one step closer to Se Chan′s bucket list.

Music Covered in Episode 4

Lim Ki Hoon - This Day that I Met You (Hera singing for dancers)
Lee Jang Woo - After Meeting You/S.E.S - Oh My Love (Ray and Hera′s duet)
Yoon Sang - One More Step (789 cleaning up)
g.o.d - The Place You Should Be (789 practice)
Lee Seung Hwan - Family (Jang Goon′s birthday present to his father)
A Pink - No No No (Scarlet and Se Jong′s radio duet)

Birth secret revealed by episode 3.
Good job, drama. *pat pat*

Se Jong: So you′re saying that…
This person is Se Chan′s real brother, and not me?
Real brother…
What are you saying?
Se Chan is my little brother.
He′s my little brother who was never apart from me for a second.
But now you′re saying that this total stranger is Se Chan′s real brother…
How am I supposed to understand this?

Se Jong: Se Chan′s bucket list too…
You knew about it. Everyone knew about it, but no one said anything to me.
Was I the only who didn′t know?

Gu Hera: I couldn′t tell you.
Even your mom said not to tell you yet.

Se Jong: I am, I am Kang Se Chan′s brother.
Even if a hundred of people like that guy come, I′m still Kang Se Chan′s brother.
I have the right and responsibility to know and fulfill the wishes of my little brother.

Se Jong: Se Chan′s brother is only me.
Gu Hera!
You shouldn′t be like that either.
Gu Hera, you are the one and only girl that my only brother liked.
Do you know what Se Chan′s last wish was?
Gu Hera, it was you.
So, how can I like you?

Drunken confession…to the wrong person.

Just…everything about this scene, especially the pink hearts.

Walking the dark streets at a late hour
When I return after a tiring day
The deep darkness and my quietly sleeping family greet me always

Sometime, they become burdens
Because of their expectations and disappointment
Because they′re always near,
I always want to be away.

I don′t know what I should do to satisfy the hearts of my parents
I just want to say that I love them, but it′s just awkward.

- Lee Seung Hwan

That grin at the end.
*fangirl screaming*

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