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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 1 - The Day I Met You

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2015.02.18 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

There′s a drama series that we′ve been dangerously hooked on, and we want to share it with all of you!

Mnet′s new music drama, Sing Again Hera Gu or Chil Jeon Pal Gi, Gu Hera. (Chil.Pal.Gu, also meaning 7, 8, 9), kicked off on January 9, 2015, airing once a week, every Friday.

For the past month or so, we′ve just been silently watching and squealing over all the juicy goodness, but we just can′t hold back our excitement for this drama any longer, so we′re going to share our favorite moments from each episode.

Click through to see if we highlighted your favorite moments too! If not, tell us your favorite scenes in the comments below!

Music Covered in Episode 1

SNSD - Way to Go (Drama opening credit)
Kim Won Joon - Show (School opening number)
Lim Jung Hee - Music is My LIfe (Superstar K2 auditions)
Gummy - Memory Loss (Hera′s audition song)
Lim Ki Hoon - The Day I Met You (Hera and Se Chan′s duet song)
SNSD - Into the New World (Empire Entertainment trainees)
Lee Seung Hwan - As Much Love There is Sprinkled In the World (789 mission song)

Let′s now forget all of the things that happened in the past
Those days that were filled with unwanted meetings
Now let′s sing together
On this day that I finally met you
Don′t think about the days of the past that can be forgotten and erased
Since I′m happy on this day that I met you

The Day I Met You by Lim Ki Hoon

When we found out they have a song together, and it′s one of our old school favorites.

When a cricket can cause so much entertainment (and make a shower scene last extra long).

Se Chan: Fate is something you can′t choose.
The day that Hera moved in front of my house.
The way Hera sang with sad eyes on the day she moved,
And how I saw Hera in that way weren′t chosen by me
But, there are times when I wish I could choose fate.
The day that we met, I selected my fate.

Gu Hera: My 11th birthday that I thought would no longer be happy.
A kid who seemed like a present appeared before me.
A kid who had the same eyes as my dad.
A kid who had the same eyes as my dad.

When paths don′t cross each other.

Great cameo appearances by ZE:A′s Hyung Sik and Dal Shabet′s Woohee!

Gu Hera: It′s not wrong.
And I was actually upset.
To you, am I just a friend?
I knew for sure today.
Now I… don′t want to be just friends with you.

Se Jong: That…

Gu Hera: Think about it and let me know after Superstar K

Confession made, and we′re only in episode one.

Gu Hera: You′re going way too far with your jokes

Se Chan: Does me liking you seems like a joke to you?

Gu Hera: Kang Se Chan, you and I are just friends.

Se Chan: Just…friends?

A first kiss... then immediately friendzoned.
Oh heart break.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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