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[Interview] Jo Kwon Says People Will Love His 20cm Heels

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2012.06.26 18:18 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

High heels help women find their confidence. Women use them to change their image or simply to stand taller.

They’re tools that deliver such a big satisfaction that so many women are willing to endure the pain felt in wearing them. This is why women can’t give up high heels even though they bring on so much pain.

[Interview] Jo Kwon Says People Will Love His 20cm Heels

Men, on the other hand, complain about them. Women can become taller with high heels, but men can’t. Men just don′t wear high heels.

2AM’s Jo Kwon, however, says otherwise. The singer plans to perform in high heels for the performance of his solo single Animal, which was released on June 25. The song will be completely different from his promotional single I’m Da One, and will provide a contrast that will show the two different sides of Jo Kwon.

How can a man dance in high heels onstage? Many probably won’t welcome the idea of seeing such a thing. How will Jo Kwon’s shocking performance be received?

I heard you’re preparing a shocking performance in high heels.

I asked the people around me about the high heels. Some liked it, some didn’t and some said ‘That’s not right.’ They say that because they haven’t seen my performance, though, and I’m confident that if they see it their opinions will definitely change. I worked so hard on it.

It won’t be easy for a man to wear 20cm heels.

I feel like I’m risking my life. I have to practice wearing heels, but since I can’t wear them outside I have to practice walking in the practice room. I’m proud of myself because even girl groups find it difficult to dance in heels onstage.

Lady Gaga also only wore heels like this when she stood in front of a photo wall. No one has ever danced in such high heels. I’m probably the first ever.

This question should’ve come first. How does it feel to stand onstage alone?

Singers who are in groups should definitely release a solo album at least once in their lives. I prepared to go solo since even before I knew I would be debuting as 2AM, so of course it feels great.

I do miss my members though now that my album is out. It’s good to do everything alone, but I felt more reassured when my members were with me.

Did you do everything you wanted to in your album?

I did everything I wanted in Animal and I’m Da One. I put one thing I can be great in, sensuous dancing, in Animal. I want to show it through my performance.

[Interview] Jo Kwon Says People Will Love His 20cm Heels

Your first solo album is a full-length album. There are so many songs in it.

That’s why I feel more attached to it. I’m not saying this because it’s my album, but all of the songs are really good.

After we confirmed I would be releasing a solo album, all of the employees in my agency went on a workshop just for my album.

A British composer that recently started rising through the ranks, Lauren Dyson, wrote me a song, and Avicci, producer of the UK Chart’s no. 1 single Levels, also wrote one.

I even wondered why they gave me such great songs. My company cared for [my album] so much. Thanks to them, my album was perfected with such a high quality.

So are you satisfied with the results?

I like it that the results are good. The music video’s fun and the [CD] jacket is good. I’m mostly satisfied with the content because the album came out the way I wanted it. We’ll have to see how it does after promotion, of course.

So many popular singers are making comebacks; are you confident [you’ll do great]?

I’m confident that I’ll be the most unique. (Laugh)

Photo credit: Big Hit Entertainment

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