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[Interview] Park Shin Hye Talks Having Good Luck with Men, ‘Pinocchio’ and More

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2015.02.01 13:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Park Shin Hye truly has a pure looking face. With flawless skin and clear-cut features, everyone who meets her in person says she has a ‘pretty face.’ It’s a face that looks graceful.

But despite having a graceful face, Park Shin Hye has a very cheerful personality. Watching the actress who is full of aegyo and laughter, it only makes sense why Park Shin Hye was chosen as the lead actress in numerous projects.

She recently added another to her filmography. It is SBS’ Pinochio, which ended on January 15. In Pinochio, Park Shin Hye acted as Choi In Ha who suffers from the made-up disorder called ‘Pinocchio Syndrome,’ which makes her hiccup each time she lies. Acting as the reporter, Park Shin Hye showed fantastic chemistry with her costar Lee Jong Suk as well as her secret admirer Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang).

From the ‘rising star’ Lee Jong Suk to Kim Young Kwang, Park Shin Hye received love from such fabulous men. As the envy of all the female viewers, Park Shin Hye spilled on having lived as Choi In Ha for the past several months.

[Interview] Park Shin Hye Talks Having Good Luck with Men, ‘Pinocchio’ and More

- The drama is over. How does it feel?

▶ It still doesn’t feel real. I still feel like the drama will air on Wednesday and that the oppas will be there if I go to the set. More than anything, we were close to all the staff members. I can’t believe that it’s already over.

- Pinocchio was successful in terms of both quality and popularity. What is your secret?

▶ Things that are currently happening coincide with the situations in the drama. I think the viewers sympathized with the situations of looking for the one responsible or media manipulation in terms of various accidents, including the fire accident. When things that might happen in real life were made into a drama, it brought out great sympathy from people. I think that’s what they found to be interesting.

- You acted as a reporter. Does it feel different now when you read articles about yourself?

▶ There are so many people who write good articles about me. But there were times when the things that I said were conveyed differently than what I really meant. I felt bad when that happened but I thought that I should speak clearly in order to not confuse them. I thought that I should choose my words carefully.

- Park Shin Hye seems to be an actress who has a lot of good luck when it comes to men. What do you think?

▶ I agree, hahaha. I really had a lot. It was luck. I just think the timing worked out well. Good scenarios came to me and it really was a blessing. On top of that, I acted alongside rising stars such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Jong Suk and more. I’m actually worried about my next project. (smile)

- You had great chemistry with Lee Jong Suk in Pinochio. You had a deep kiss scene in the final episode.

▶ The drama has many kiss scenes and although I feel embarrassed about them now, I didn’t have any thoughts when I was filming them. I was busy discussing which angle would look the best with the PD or deciding what to do with my hands with Lee Jong Suk. I was embarrassed when I was filming the kiss scene in front of the udon restaurant because there were so many people watching.

[Interview] Park Shin Hye Talks Having Good Luck with Men, ‘Pinocchio’ and More

- All the drama you have appeared have been earning good scores. Do you have your own standard on selecting projects?

▶ First, I choose the project that I feel most confident about. After I read the entire scenario, I think about what I can show through the project before I make the decision. This drama showed the life of a character who took her first step into the real world, which was similar to my situation as a 26 year old. I think that’s why it matched well.

- Wasn’t it hard to act out hiccupping?

▶ It said ‘hiccup’ in between the lines. I just had to memorize them, so it wasn’t that hard.

- Is there anything you learned or developed through this project?

▶ The emotional details got better compared to the time I did The Heirs. Many people praised me saying that my eyes have changed compared to that time. They also tell me that I look less childish. (laughter) I feel like I got rid of the ‘Candy character’ and people tell me that they didn’t know Park Shin Hye had such a cheerful side. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of things.

- What are your goals as an actress?

▶ I would like to be an actress who can turn people’s steps. Anyone can watch the drama but a film has to turn people’s steps to the movie theatre, where it is played. I think I lack the energy to lead the audience because I haven’t acted in many films. I would like to work harder, learn and challenge myself to I have become an actress that can draw people’s attention.

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