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Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Talk 1970s Fashion in ‘Gangnam 1970’ Cross Interview

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2015.01.25 15:00 Newsen Lee So Dam Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won’s cross interview video for Gangnam 1970 has been released.

In the cross interview video for Gangnam 1970 released on January 19, Lee Min Ho first asked Kim Rae Won, “I saw your bare skin for the first time through this project. What does shaping up the body mean for Kim Rae Won?”

Kim Rae Won answered, “Eating cold porridge? (Korean expression to say ‘It’s a piece of cake’) But eating cold porridge is not that easy. You have to warm it up first.”

About his sunglasses in the film, Kim Rae Won said, “It completed Baek Yong Gi’s fashion in the movie. It was an important item.”

Kim Rae Won asked Lee Min Ho, “How was the mustache you grew for the first time in the film?”

Lee Min Ho answered, “I looked better than I thought” to which Kim Rae Won agreed.

On the other hand, about the 70s fashion style, Lee Min Ho commented, “It’s a style I never want to wear again,” and Kim Rae Won also said, “It’s a style of outfits you want to avoid. That is, if you’re a young actor living in today’s society,” bringing out laughter.

Lee Min Ho revealed, “Director Yoo Ha actually scared me by suggesting that I just wear a leather jacket throughout the first half of the film.”

The two actors hinted at their teamwork and friendship during the interview as well.

Lee Min Ho said, “I could concentrate without much effort in the scenes I acted with Kim Rae Won. He is someone who made me think that I should work hard. Thanks, hyung.”

Kim Rae Won also responded, “Working together with Lee Min Ho, I could tell from his attitude that he has so much sense of responsibility. I was able to show blood boiling acting and fantastic teamwork thanks to his concentration and passion.”

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Talk 1970s Fashion in ‘Gangnam 1970’ Cross Interview

Then how was working with director Yoo Ha, who directed Once Upon A Time in High School and Dirty Carnival?

Kim Rae Won shared, “I learned and felt many things. I think that I may be able to show deeper acting in the future.”

Lee Min Ho said, “I think the director thinks only about the project for about 23 hours a day. Even if we start a conversation about something else, we end up talking about the project. If I were to carry on a conversation with him, I can’t help but to think a lot about the project,” revealing director Yoo Ha’s love for the film.

Lastly, Lee Min Ho said about Gangnam 1970, “I was happy since on top of experiencing deep emotions, it was the project that I approached as an actor more than any other times.”

Kim Rae Won concluded, “I hope that the film will remain in my memory for a long time as I carry out my acting career and I believe that it will.”

As the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s street trilogy following Once Upon A Time in High School and Dirty Carnival, Gangnam 1970 will depict the desire, royalty and betrayal of two men surrounding the land in Gangnam district when Seoul was going through rapid development in 1970’s. It will tell the story of the skillful fighter Kim Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho), who grew up as an orphan, and Baek Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) who, after parting with Jong Dae in the orphanage, quickly rises as the second most powerful gangster in the Myungdong district due to his intense passion for success. It will star Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, AOA’s Seolhyun, Kim Ji Soo, Yoo Sung Mok, Jung Ho Bin and more.

Photo credit: Screen capture of Gangnam 1970 cross interview

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