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[Interview] HelloVenus Picks Shinhwa as Role Model and Hopes to Last More Than 10 Years Together

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2015.01.25 16:00 Newsen Hong Jung Won Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Along with the leader, Alice, all the members of HelloVenus recently held an interview with Newsen.

Regarding people saying she looks similar to actress Jo Yoon Hee, HelloVenus′ leader Alice didn′t know what to do.

Whenever someone sees Alice, they say, "You look like this other celebrity." Turning 25 years old in 2015, Alice stands at 166 centimeters tall with a nice body and unique face.

When the interviewer told Alice, "You look like a celebrity, but I can′t put my finger on who," Alice replied, laughing, "I get Jo Yoon Hee sunbaenim a lot. I′ve also heard Lee Hyori sunbaenim."

When told she also carries the presence of announcer Han Sung Joo, Alice shyly replied, "Thank you for comparing me to Jo Yoon Hee, Lee Hyori and Han Sung Joo sunbaenim, who are all very beautiful."

After successfully transforming into a sexy girl group image, HelloVenus has been actively promoting on music programs, as well as variety shows, radio programs and various photo shoots.

Debuting in 2012 with the EP Venus, HelloVenus is already on its fourth year of activities. HelloVenus made its comeback with Sticky Sticky in November 2014 with new members Yeo Reum and Seo Young joining the now six-member group, bringing a bit more refreshing and sexy charms.

[Interview] HelloVenus Picks Shinhwa as Role Model and Hopes to Last More Than 10 Years Together

Regarding the new members, Alice shared, "Yeo Reum and Seo Young are almost the youngest of the team, but after they joined the group, the practice atmosphere has changed completely. With a new vocalist, the team color changed a bit, and I think we′re working even harder now."

Alice and the other HelloVenus members shared, "We want to be a girl group that is overflowing with healthy beauty like SISTAR sunbaenims. Our role model is Shinhwa sunbaenim. We hope HelloVenus can last more than ten years as well. We want to write and compose. We also find Lee Hyori sunbaenim, who continues to be active, as our role model as well."

HelloVenus returned with its new song Wiggle Wiggle on January 5.

Photo Credit: Lee Jae Ha

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