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[Interview] Han Ye Seul Shares Boyfriend Teddy’s Reaction to Her Acceptance Speech

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2015.01.18 15:00 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

On January 15, Han Ye Seul attended an interview with Newsen in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu and candidly expressed her love for her boyfriend, Teddy.

After receiving the Excellence Award in a Drama Special from the SBS Drama Awards in 2014, Han Ye Seul said, “To my boyfriend, Teddy, whom I love so much, I want to say that I love him so much. We loved so much this year, and let′s love more next year.” Then she even made the kissing sound through the microphone, receiving a loud applause. Han Ye Seul and Teddy went public with their relationship in 2013.

Han Ye Seul’s acceptance speech stirred issues for days afterwards with many expressing their envy. Not only men but women also commented, “She is lovely.”

When asked about the day’s acceptance speech, Han Ye Seul said with laughter, “He was so happy. I received a lot of love from my boyfriend and interest from many people, and the response was positive too. It was a perfect win-win situation. The drama was successful, I won the award, and I received love and interest for the acceptance speech. I wonder if that means many good things will happen to me in 2015."

[Interview] Han Ye Seul Shares Boyfriend Teddy’s Reaction to Her Acceptance Speech

About Teddy’s reaction, Han Ye Seul said, “He was exhilarated. He told me that he didn’t even expect it.”

When the interview said, “No one probably expected it,” Han Ye Seul laughed as she said, “Isn’t it so funny?”

About the time Teddy promoted as 1TYM, Han Ye Sul said, “I was a student then. He was promoting when I was attending school in America, so I sang 1TYM’s songs at noraebang. Instead of being a fan, I liked their music. I didn’t know much (about Teddy) back then but I knew his music.”

She added, “He is charming. Not stepping forward to get attention is a part of his charms. I also thought it’s cool how he silently does what he likes, without putting his name in the front as he promotes.”

Regarding Birth of A Beauty, which recently ended, Han Ye Seul said, “I’m satisfied with it as my comeback project. Many people have told me that I made a successful comeback, and that’s what is most meaningful to me. I enjoyed filming comfortably without feeling pressured, although it has been a while since I worked on a project. While filming it, I rarely struggled or felt stressed.”

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