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[Exclusive] The Victim Talks about Her Shock in the Miss Korea Theft Case

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2012.06.25 17:04 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

A former Miss Korea actress has been sending shockwaves through the scene after being booked for stealing a wallet from her friend’s home.

A source close to the victim has opened up on the incident, saying, “[The victim] ‘B’ is also in great shock. It’s shocking how her close friend [actress] ‘A’ thought to do such a thing.”

According to an official close to the victim, the actress came to visit the victim at her home on June 21. Because the two were close friends and she often came to visit, the two spent their time together as usual.

The two then left the home to eat out, and only when it was time for the victim to pay for her food did she realize her wallet was gone. The victim thought until then that she had left her wallet at home.

The actress told the victim that she would pay for the food and that the victim should start looking for her wallet.

[Exclusive] The Victim Talks about Her Shock in the Miss Korea Theft Case

The victim failed to find the wallet at home and reported the robbery to the police on June 22, but found out in the process that the checks that had been in the wallet had already been cashed. Checking the bank’s CCTVs showed that the actress was the one who had cashed the checks.

The official said, “At first, Ms. B couldn’t believe that Ms. A had done such a thing. She’s not very active now, but she’s a fairly well-known celebrity. I heard she denied the charges saying that she didn’t know why she had the wallet. This is just shocking.”

“Ms. B was very shocked and even scared after watching the CCTV,” the official added. “Ms. A’s actions came so naturally.”

“I know for a fact that because Ms. A hasn’t been active recently and her business isn’t doing very well, she’s experiencing financial hardships. I can’t understand, however, how she could steal from her friend’s home.”

The actress was booked without detention on June 22 for stealing a designer brand wallet from her friend’s home on June 21. The wallet contained cash and checks that amounted up to 2 million won.

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