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[Weekend Talk] Shinhwa′s Eric Rejects Dongwan′s Request, Han Ye Seul Sends Kisses to Teddy, Monday Couple Talks Dating IRL and More

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2015.01.04 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Lots were said during the week, and here, we share some of the quotes that stuck out more than others in this week′s Weekend Talk

"To Han Soo Min, who lives in Seorae Village, MBC comedian, Park Myung Soo, asked me to say he sincerely loves you. And stop doing SNS. That is all."

Taking another well-deserved daesang at the KBS Entertainment Awards, Yoo Jae Suk fulfilled Park Myung Soo′s favor by giving a special shoutout to Park Myung Soo′s wife.

Thumbs up to Park Myung Soo for being romantic, and thumbs up to Yoo Jae Suk for playing cupid.

Photo Credit: KBS

“Lastly, to my boyfriend, Teddy, whom I love so much, I want to say that I love him so much. We loved so much this year, and let′s love more next year.”

Han Ye Seul confidently expressed her love for her boyfriend, Teddy, in front of thousands of eyes at the SBS Drama Awards. Her confession had everyone floored but cheering on the couple to love more in 2015.

Photo Credit: SBS

“On my way to the award ceremony, my member Dong Wan asked if I could shout out ′Shinhwa Forever.′ But at a prestigious place like this, it wouldn′t be right to act frivolously.”

Although he flat out rejected Kim Dong Wan′s request in front of everyone, Eric told the audience that he will be returning as a Shinhwa member in 2015, so we have that coming for us.


Photo Credit: KBS

"When I asked her what love was, she answered, ′Love is when Daddy makes Haru smile."

Kids say the darndest things, but they also say some very meaningful things, as Tablo remembered Haru′s significant definition of love.

We′ll miss Tablo and Haru on Return of Superman

Photo Credit: KBS

"Gary once said to me sincerely. He asked me to date for a month for the sake of the program."

Are you sure he said that for the sake of the program, Song Ji Hyo?

But someone please make this happen. For us?

Photo Credit: SBS

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