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Weekly Roundup: Yoo In Na-Ji Hyun Woo Are a Couple and Taecyeon Humiliated

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2012.06.22 19:03 Mwave Stewart Ho

After a week of remaining mum, former drama co-stars admitted to their off screen romance, and one of Korea’s representative idol groups announced its impending comeback.

Meanwhile, a popular idol star was humiliated by his university professor, making him the laughingstock of the week, and one former Miss Korea became the center of a controversy over allegations that she lied about her self-proclaimed vegetarian lifestyle.

Read on for more in this week’s Rise and Fall

Weekly Roundup: Yoo In Na-Ji Hyun Woo Are a Couple and Taecyeon Humiliated

Stars on the Rise

1. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo Admit They are a Couple

It was an announcement fans had been waiting for as Yoo In Na finally publicly confessed her former co-star Ji Hyun Woo to be her man.

Despite Ji Hyun Woo’s shocking public confession, Yoo In Na had remained silent on the issue until the two were snapped by a paparazzi on a late-night park date on June 20. Congratulations to the new couple!

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2. Super Junior Announces July Comeback, Kangin Rejoins

It was a week full of good news for Super Junior fans as SM Entertainment first made it known that member Kangin would rejoin the group after nearly three years before confirming the group would return on July 1.

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3. Running Man Nabs Kim Hee Sun for its 100th Episode

Fans assumed the beloved SBS variety program Running Man would go big for its upcoming 100th episode, but few thought the show would be able to snag Kim Hee Sun, one of Korea’s biggest actress.

Her appearance was snapped by sharp-eyed fans and later confirmed by the show. The episode will air on June 24.

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4. Super Junior and SHINee Meet With Terminally Ill Fan Donika Sterling

Super Junior and SHINee made the dream of one terminally ill fan from America come true this week when both groups met with Donika Sterling, an avid Super Junior and SHINee fan from New York with a terminal disease. Sharing words, gifts and love, the incident became a touching story for K-Pop fans everywhere.

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Weekly Roundup: Yoo In Na-Ji Hyun Woo Are a Couple and Taecyeon Humiliated

Stars Falling Flat

1. 2PM’s Taecyeon Humiliated By His University Professor

Despite being one of K-Pop’s most popular and well-known members, 2PM’s Taecyeon’s pride recieived a beating when his university professor turned the singer away from his university exam and made him stand in front of the class for poor class attendance.

To make matters worse, the picture was captured and distributed all across the web. Though Taecyeon laughed off the incident in good humor, maybe it will spur Taecyeon to make an effort to attend more of his classes next semester.

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2. Kim Moo Yul Accused of Dodging Military Duties

Rising actor Kim Moo Yul was accused this week of intentionally avoiding his military duties, embroiling him in controversy over one of Korea’s most sensitive issues.

He was waived of his mandatory duties for issues related to poverty; however, it was discovered that his earnings placed him well above the poverty line.

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3. Honey Lee Accused of Lying About Her 9-Year Vegetarian Status

Many were shocked this week when screen captures from a past television show appearance showed the former Miss Korea and current actress seemingly consuming pork and beef.

The actress proclaimed herself to have been a vegetarian for the past nine years. The actress’ reps have maintained that Honey Lee chewed the meat for the program but did not actually swallow it.

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4. Lee Chae Young’s Weight Comments While Overseas Draws Criticism

A furor arose earlier this week when she actress Lee Chae Young tweeted a photo of the backside of two-full figured women at a restaurant in America and wrote about how she was motivated to lose weight after seeing them.

She has since then apologized for the incident and promised to reflect on her actions.

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