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[Twitter Roundup] SNSD Taeyeon Unveils Her Tummy, EXO Chanyeol and FT Island′s Hong Gi Hate the Cold, and More

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2014.12.17 18:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The SNS world is quick and always on the move, so we capture some of the day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Check it all out!

Feeling spontaneous, SNSD′s Taeyeon unveiled her tummy, making a face with tangerine peels.

When fans asked if it was her tummy, she replied that it was, and she gained a bit of weight, preparing for the winter. She also advised fans to eat lots of tangerines for vitamins.

Lee Jong Suk updated his Instagram in the midst of drama filming, writing, "Going to eat soondae stew with our lovely In Ha, Yoo Rae, and Bum Jo. Ha...episode 11!! I feel like it was the hardest week in recent times!! So you have to watch tonight′s braodcast!"

FT Island′s Jae Jin took a picture of his birthday feast, hashtagging, "Cake, flowers, Mom′s food, family, happiness."

Happiest birthday Jae Jin!

EXO′s Chanyeol was pretty annoyed with the constantly dropping temperature as he wrote, "They say the temperature tomorrow wil go down to negative 14... Everyone, try not to go outside, and don′t just wear a thick jacket but wear lots of layers~ Let′s not get colds! Annoyed at the news of coldness."

FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi was experiencing the cold first hand while filming, writing, "It′s insanely cold. My face feels like it′s going to rip off. My nose keeps running and my tears won′t stop."

ZE:A′s Kwang Hee was having a "Good lunch" with SHINee′s Minho and EXO′s Sehun.

B1A4′s Baro met someone familiar on the streets of Itaewon, as he wrote, "Hello!! I′m Baro! It′s cold so don′t catch a cold!! Let′s see each other again!"

GOT7′s Yugyeom was having amazing bed hair, as he wrote, "Messy. This is actually an old picture."

On his honeymoon in Turkey, Song Jae Lim posted, "This place where you can feel that even the animals on the street grew up with lots of love. This place is Turkey."

Then he added with a play on words referring to the dogs, "PS. Who are you. Let′s all lie here together."

Photo Credit: The SNS of all stars mentioned above

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