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Zoltan Wins Over Small Spring in ‘Comedy Big League’

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2011.10.10 11:05 Mwave Park, HyunMin

The almost-unthinkable has happened! Small Spring, with members Yoo Se Yoon, Jang Dong Min and Yoo Sang Moo, lost its crown and funniest sketch comedy group and broke its winning streak on Comedy Big League.

On the October 8 broadcast of Comedy Big League, Zoltan performed its sketch Zoltan Theater, and in its devotion to comedy, even shaved Han Hyun Min’s head live onstage, finally coming in first place.

August 20, 2012 was a special day for the girl group Two X. It was the day it made its debut in K-Pop with its debut single, ′Double Up′, following its long wait in training.

Zoltan Wins Over Small Spring in ‘Comedy Big League’

Zoltan Wins Over Small Spring in ‘Comedy Big League’

Zoltan, with members Lee Jae Hyung, Han Hyun Min and Jung Jin Wook, has consistently made the top five in the last four competitions with its Zoltan Theater sketch, and is currently rising up as another possible winner of the whole shebang.

Of course, Small Spring is still in the lead with 19 points, Ah3In second with 12 points and Zoltan third with 11 points, but if Zoltan keeps up its rising streak in the latter half of the league, it may be able to catch up with Small Spring.

Small Spring came in second, followed by Dog-President (Kim In Suk, Lee Jae Hoon, Hong Kyung Joon, Moon Suk Hee), Ah3In (Lee Sang Joon, Ye Je Hyung, Moon Kyu Bak) and Gaejongja (Byun Ki Su, Kim Jae Woo, Jung Sam Sik, Lee Kang Bok), which showed off a new sketch.

Even with its debut, however, Two X failed to stand out in the flood of idol groups coming from right and left. Because of this the group seemed even more determined than before, burning with even more passion in its comeback with new single Ring Ma Bell.

Beauty like Girls′ Generation, sexiness like SISTAR

"We′ve been through the idol group flood. This time, we′ll be different, because we′ve sharpened ourselves during our break. We already have full plans for 2013. (Laugh) We′ll definitely get more people to know about Two X with Ring Ma Bell," said Surin.

After leaving behind the charismatic image it donned for Double Up, Two X chose to return to a bouncy image with Ring Ma Bell. The new cheerful image fits the girls in their early 20s fairly well. They had chosen to cut down on the makeup and emphasize their youth in order to approach the public.

They got the idea for this route from their new role models.

Eunyoung said, "As we started promoting, we began to think that we should become a girl group that has both Girls′ Generation (SNSD) sunbaenim (senior)′s popular beauty, and SISTAR sunbaenim′s healthy sexiness. Isn′t it great to think of Two X being a mix of the strengths of both groups?"

In order to follow in its role models′ footsteps, the group sang and danced like never before during its four month hiatus.

Zoltan Wins Over Small Spring in ‘Comedy Big League’

Zoltan Wins Over Small Spring in ‘Comedy Big League’

The fourth round competition of Comedy Big League recorded 1.44% viewer ratings, peaking at 2.35% (AGB Nielsen Media Research) and receiving the highest ratings for that cable time slot.

Photo credit: tvN

′The Romantic & Idol′ and the ′Idol Track Competition′

It was a short hiatus, but the Two X members were nevertheless feeling the strain. Sometimes they became afraid of being forgotten. Just then, a member was cast to appear in variety. Eunyoung had made it into tvN′s The Romantic & Idol and MBC′s Idol Track and Archery Competition.

The chance was extended, however, to just Eunyoung. This didn′t matter for The Romantic & Idol since the cast members are the only ones from their groups to appear anyway, but she had to feel lonely all during the Idol Track Competition. Only one member was able to appear because Two X was still a rookie.

Eun said, "We were so jealous; we all wanted to be on the show."

"We all watched The Romantic & Idol together," Eunyoung said. "I had been expecting a lot because Mir sunbaenim, who had appeared in the first season, told me that it was the first time he had such fun on a show. Then I got a chance to appear in it. I was so honored. If another member had been given the offer she would′ve been better, but the producers were tricked by me."

The other members of course all want to get the chance to appear on variety, but that doesn′t mean they′re not supportive of Eunyoung. All of the members cheered for her with all their heart, since it was a chance to get Two X become more well known.

The members said, "This year, we′re confident we′ll be able to appear in a variety of programs following Ring Ma Bell."

This group now knows how to get around. It knows it′s ready to reach the hearts of music fans in 2013.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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