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[Interview] SNSD’s Sunny is Thankful for the Times She Spent as Idol

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2014.12.07 11:00 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny shared her thoughts on being the only girl idol DJ at MBC radio station.

SNSD’s Sunny appeared on MBC FM4U’s Good Morning FM that aired on November 30, sharing her lively charms and entertaining talks as the one-day DJ, substituting for Jun Hyun Moo.

In the interview with Newsen that happened after the radio broadcast this day, Sunny shared her thoughts on having gone to work earlier than usual. She said, “I’m tired. I actually thought it’d be the same because it’s a radio show, even though it airs in the morning. But it was very different from our program. Different corners are scheduled at certain times and I have to carry on the show by matching up with the times so that was a bit difficult.”

[Interview] SNSD’s Sunny is Thankful for the Times She Spent as Idol

She also expressed her respect towards Jun Hyun Moo. Sunny said, “I don’t know how Jun Hyun Moo oppa does so well in matching up the times. There is no corner on Good Morning FM where you can share your own stories. Being a DJ is a job that involves talking and it’s a job where you naturally want to share your own stories, so I give my respect to oppa once more for being able to hold that in in order to patiently carry out his role.”

As she has been receiving a lot of love from the listeners as a DJ, she has special love for radio as well. Sunny shared, “I listen to the radio every time I travel,” adding, “Once I finish this broadcast today, I have another recording before I go volunteer to deliver coals with the members of SBS’ Roommate.”

Sunny named earphones and pen as the must-have items during radio. Sunny said, “I always make sure I have my pen and earphones. I use a three-colored pen. It doesn’t really matter if I bring another pen but I need a pen when I check and mark things up during broadcast. Earphones are actually an item that cheers me up. It’s the earphones that I received from the FM Date staff, so they’re precious to me.”

She could not easily answer the question about what abilities you need to have as a DJ. According to her, she is careful to answer a question like this, as someone who lacks abilities as a DJ. Sunny said, “I’m actually not that talented and I think it’s a bit arrogant to talk about what kind of abilities you need to have as a DJ so I am a bit hesitant,” and added, “I think what a DJ needs is the ability to react quickly. You need the ability to react quickly to any kind of situation that may come up without being surprised. Many times, radio airs live so I think you need to be able to overcome the situation smoothly so it doesn’t look like there has been an accident.”

[Interview] SNSD’s Sunny is Thankful for the Times She Spent as Idol

About her strength as a DJ, Sunny said, “I’m the only girl idol within MBC FM4U. I think that’s my strength. It could be a weakness in a way but thanks to eight years of my experience, I think I was able to hide my weaknesses (during my time as a DJ). I’m thankful for the times I promoted as a celebrity and as an idol. I think I expressed that fully today.

Sunny debuted with SNSD’s single album Into the New World in 2007 and entered her eighth year as a singer this year.

Finally, Sunny was asked to name a song she wants to recommend for the listeners and said, “I would like to play happy songs for them. I want to recommend Zion. T’s Yanghwa BRDG. I like the part of the lyrics that say, ‘Let’s be happy, let’s not be hurt.’ The other parts talk about a message to family. If you think about family and the people that you need in your life, I think everyone can sympathize with the lyrics. I think everyone will think about the people that are most precious to him or her when they listen to the lyrics. That’s when I think about the listeners. There have been so many tough and painful events this year, so I would like to say to them that now it’s okay to be happy and to not be hurt.”

Meanwhile, MBC FM4U will carry out ‘Family Day’ from 7 a.m. on December 1 to 2 a.m. (KST). ‘Family Day’ is a traditional event at MBC radio that has continued for ten years since it began in 2003. It is an event where DJs switch programs with each other to present different kinds of entertainment for the listeners, in order to return thanks to all those who love MBC radio.

SNSD’s Sunny woke up the listeners this morning by replacing Jun Hyun Moo on Good Morning FM. Kim Hyun Chul will take over This Morning, Park Kyung Rim will host Golden Disk and Jun Hyun Moo will DJ Hope Song.

Bae Chul Soo will be taking over 2’O Clock Date and Yiruma will DJ Hope Song.

Jung Ji Young will host Hope Song and SHINee’s Jonghyun will replace Sunny as the DJ of FM Date. Finally, Kim Shin Young will take over Hope Song in place of Tablo and announcer Lee Jae Eun will take Jonghyun’s place on Blue Night.

Photo credit: Newsen

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