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Yoo In Na Declares Ji Hyun Woo to be Her Man

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2012.06.19 09:39 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

After 12 days of confessions, speculations and silence about Ji Hyun Woo’s bold public confession, Yoo In Na finally spoke up about the incident, confirming that Ji Hyun Woo was indeed her man.

On June 18, Yoo In Na told the listeners of her KBS Volume Up radio program that she also has romantic feelings for her co-star.

She initially planned to share her confession but the paparazzi was faster on their toes, releasing photos of the two actors on their first date, confirming their new relationship.

The reason for her silence was simple, as she needed time to sort out her thoughts and feelings.

Yoo In Na Declares Ji Hyun Woo to be Her Man

“I realized the feelings while filming the drama, but I was confused whether this was reality or just my drama role," said Yoo In Na. "So I decided to keep my personal feelings to myself until the end of the drama, and I’m thankful to Ji Hyun Woo for understanding and supporting me until then.”

About Ji Hyun Woo’s public confession, the actress said, “I was really caught off guard, so I asked him why he did that. He said this. ‘Since I was born, I never asked my mom to buy me this or that. Even when I grew up, I never asked for clothes or a car, and I just never wanted anything. But for the first time, I felt greedy and didn’t want to lose this chance.’”

While it was surprising, Yoo In Na said that she was thankful, as she saw how sincere his thoughts were through each word and each glance that he gave her.

“It wasn’t because he wasn’t thinking about what could come in the future or that he wasn’t taking me into consideration, but because he was being as genuine as genuine could ever be.”

As she was thoroughly thinking about what to say to him, Yoo In Na’s mother told her, “The world could be a more beautiful place than you think. Trust in them, and let everything down, and when you do, see what little grain is at the bottom of your thoughts and trust in your feelings.”

“So I called him to ask for a week’s time, which actually ran a little longer. It must have been eating him alive, but I finally called [Ji Hyun Woo], who patiently waited and we talked about this and that, walking in the park. I told him, ‘Now that Queen In Hyun’s Man is over, let’s begin as Yoo In Na’s man.”

“I like him. And I have found certainty. He gave that to me. So we are starting a beautiful relationship.”

She also managed to send Ji Hyun Woo a small message for him to stop smoking as promised because it is hazardous to his health.

Yoo In Na, who was filmed for the ‘Seeing Radio’ part of her show, was sincerely confessing her words, but as soon as her radio confession was finished, she became a bashful little girl, hiding her face with her hair.

On June 7, Ji Hyun Woo made a surprising confession as the finale of tvN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man fan meeting. After many days of silence, reporters captured the couple at a park on June 18, announcing the start of a beautiful celebrity couple.

Photo Credit: KBS

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