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[Battle] Hot and Sexy Bobby VS. Sweet and Adorable Bobby

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2014.11.20 18:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Yes, that′s right.
We′re pitting Bobby against...Bobby.

Although he hasn′t made his official debut yet as an iKON member, Bobby has kept himself extremely busy in 2014 while training hard for MIX & MATCH, winning rap battles left and right on Show Me the Money 3, and becoming the sweet oppa next door that we all love in Hi Suhyun′s new music video for I′m Different.

Through all of his activities in the past year, Bobby has shown a variety of different images, and we wonder which one makes your heart pound a little harder, wishing he was yours.

[Battle] Hot and Sexy Bobby VS. Sweet and Adorable Bobby

Hot and Sexy Bobby

There is a certain way Bobby represents himself when he raps.

It′s as if he turns up a switch and transforms into this whole other being when on stage, kind of like how Beyonce becomes Sasha Fierce.

His voice gets rugged, his actions get sharper, his attitude gets fiercer...and that jawline gets even more defined, and then you just start screaming out his name without even realizing you are.

[Battle] Hot and Sexy Bobby VS. Sweet and Adorable Bobby

Sweet and Adorable

Two words: smiley eyes.
Okay, three more words: And that smile.

If you′ve ever seen Hi Suhyun′s music video for I′m Different, WIN: Who is Next or Mix & Match, you′ll know that while he′s an absolute beast when there′s music playing on the stage, Bobby just overflows with aegyo, making everyone melt into a big pile of goo with that huge smile of his.

The humility that he carries as well as the affection for those around him, especially his family, adds tremendously to all the qualities of sweet and adorable Bobby

So which is it - Hot&Sexy Bobby or Sweet&Adorable Bobby?

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