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[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

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2014.11.18 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Korea had its first actor group turn into idol group with 5URPRISE releasing its first single, and it got us thinking - which actor would make the perfect transformation into an idol singer?

We′ve chosen five of the hottest actors of this generation, so cast your vote and let us know which actor would make the best idol singer!

[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

Lee Min Ho

While his main occupation is acting, Lee Min Ho has an impressive list of songs that he′s released and participated in for dramas and OSTs. He′s even released two albums just to express his gratitude to fans for their love and support.

In some ways, he′s already living the life as an idol singer, touring outside of Asia, meeting fans, and performing these songs, even pulling a few dance moves of his own.

[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

Ahn Jae Hyeon

Just judging from his deep speaking voice, we predicted that Ahn Jae Hyeon′s voice would be nice to listen to if he ever decided sing.

So when he sang one of the OSTs for SBS′ You Are All Surrounded, we were happy to listen to it and Ahn Jae Hyeon didn′t disappoint, delivering a new charming point that we haven′t seen from this model-turned-actor before.

[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

Kim Woo Bin

From our knowledge, Kim Woo Bin has never officially released a song under his name, but that doesn′t mean this handsome actor doesn′t have what it takes to be an idol.

During his intimate meetings with fans, Kim Woo Bin surprised everyone with his confident and sturdy singing abilities, which were more than enough to make the hearts of all the fans in the audience flutter like no other.

He has the voice, the looks, and already hangs out with a group of good-looking people - does Kim Woo Bin have what it takes to be an idol singer?

[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

Lee Hyun Woo

Although acting is his priority, if Lee Hyun Woo ever decided he wanted to debut in an idol group, there would be no bumpy transition.

Lee Hyun Woo has released an OST for his movie Secret Greatly and showed off his dance moves in KBS′ Master of Study, where he dreamt of becoming a dancer.

And he looks like he popped right out of a flower boy idol group, right?

[Poll] Which Actors Can You See Becoming Idol Singers?

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun seems to be a given for this poll, because he has demonstrated his amazing singing abilities on more than one occasion, singing for most of the dramas he′s ever acted in.

Not only that, he′s even received idol singer training from JYP Entertainment when he was filming KBS′ Dream High, so we know he has what it takes to be an idol star!

Vote for your actor-to-be idol star now!

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