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B1A4 Members Share on Completing First World Tour

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2014.11.17 11:10 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

B1A4 shared thoughts on completing its first world tour.

B1A4 launched 2014 B1A4 Road Trip to Seoul – Ready? on November 15 and 16 in Jamsil Arena.

The concert was a part of the group’s first world tour ‘Road Trip,’ which began in Taiwan in August, as well as its fourth solo concert held in Korea.

Upon getting up on stage, CNU said, “It was our first world tour and this reminds me of old memories. It was a tour that made me realize so many things. Just the fact that we achieved the goals we set in the beginning of the year is meaningful and makes me happy. Many people sent love and support for us. Through this tour, I realized that we are really happy people. Thank you so much.”

CNU added, “I would like to thank all the fans who cheered for us during the tour in different countries. I will be CNU and B1A4, who continues to improve and work hard. I think we exist thanks to the fans. Thank you.”

Baro said, “It’s already over like this. Thank you so much for coming to our concert. We weren’t able to promote much since we were on the ‘Road Trip’ tour but more people came today than I expected,” adding, “As I was on ‘Road Trip’ I visited many countries and of course I was there for work but I thought about many things as I spent a lot of time along there. I was able to look back and reflect on myself and to look around at people around me.”

B1A4 Members Share on Completing First World Tour

Jin Young said, “I thought about sincerity. I felt like I say the same things at concerts and wondered whether the fans get tired of them. But I thought if I’m sincere, then I don’t have to go about thinking about what to say to you. If we’re both sincere, I think we can connect even if we just meet eyes and say one simple thing. I think B1A4 and the fans sincerely connect. So I’m happy no matter where I see you. I’m happy when I see your faces. I’m being honest.”

Gong Chan shouted, “I’m happy to be on this stage with you in a really long time. As I was on the first world tour, I always thought of you all. Thank you so much. We have many days ahead of us so I hope you can always cheer for us by our side. We will also work hard.”

Lastly, San Deul revealed, “First of us, the fans make me, and us, into positive people. When I’m on stage, you make me happily think about how I can show better side of me,” adding, “I have many people I love around me, such as friends and family, but I think the fans are also really precious people. It’s because they allow me to completely recharge my energy and to sing good songs. We spent the last four years together and I hope that we can continue to be precious people to each other.”

Meanwhile, B1A4 sang Tried to Walk, Drive, Solo Day, Lonely, Baby Good Night, A Glass of Water, Baby I’m Sorry, What’s Happening and more, presenting different concepts for each stage and strong singing ability, despite their fancy performances.

B1A4 especially brought out surprise with its special performance with the female dancers during Baby. The concert also staged solo performances, including Gong Chan’s Feeling, San Deul’s Oh My God, Baro’s DJ Set, Jin Young’s Goodlove and CNU’s Drunk with Music, reflecting the members’ individuality and music taste.

Photo credit: WM Entertainment

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