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[Interview] Hi Suhyun Talks Winning No.1, Yang Hyun Suk′s Training Style and More

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2014.11.15 15:00 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Hi revealed her thoughts on YG Entertainment’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk.

As YG’s new unit Hi Suhyun, Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Lee Su Hyun released the debut single I’m Different on November 11.

As a soloist and as a member of Akdong Musician, the two created a synergy effect and proved their power and influence on the music charts. As soon as I’m Different was released, it ranked number one on various music charts in Korea, including MelOn, Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie, Soribada, Monkey3, Naver Music, Daum Music and more.

During an interview held on November 14 in a café in Mapo-gu, Lee Hi shared her thoughts on winning first place.

She said, “I don’t know if it’s because I came out as a unit this time, but I was really nervous. I was with Lee Su Hyun until the moment first place was announced. I didn’t expect to win first place so as soon as I did, we hugged each other and were happy. I think I was happier than when I was alone.”

[Interview] Hi Suhyun Talks Winning No.1, Yang Hyun Suk′s Training Style and More

Lee Su Hyun said, “Of course I was happy winning first place as Akdong Musician and as Hi Suhyun. But I was more nervous promoting with Hi unnie compared to when I was promoting as Akdong Musician. They release a 5-minute chart soon after a song is released and if you top the chart, they call it a ‘roof kick.’ When I heard that we achieved a ‘roof kick,’ we started screaming out loud. We were preparing peperos to give out to the YG artists but we threw the peperos in the air and jumped up and down in happiness.”

Hi Suhyun’s I’m Different is a song under the R&B/soul genre featuring Lee Hi’s soulful sound and Akdong Musician Lee Suhyun’s clear vocals. The song, composed of catchy and rhythmical melody along with brass session and guitar rhythms, highlights Lee Hi and Lee Su Hyun’s rich voices.

Bobby took charge of featuring, adding gaiety to the song with his rapping that has witty lyrics. Many fans didn’t expect the combination of Hi and Su Hyun as they have unique voices and different charms. However, they added their singing talent on top of the song, which harmonizes each of their uniqueness, taking away the fans’ worries.

Lee Su Hyun said, “Yang Hyun Suk made the name for our unit,” and Lee Hi said, “To be honest, I recorded another song before this song. That’s when I predicted that Yang Hyun Suk was thinking of our unit activities. Since this song has a style similar to my other songs, I was surprised when I found out that I would be singing it with Lee Su Hyun.”

I’m Different is a song co-composed by YG’s producer P.K, who wrote Epik High’s Spoiler and Winner’s Empty, and Rebecca Johnson, who participated in writing Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips, and the lyrics have been written by Masta Wu, who wrote Lee Hi’s 1 2 3 4 and Bobby, who featured in I’m Different. Yang Hyun Suk reportedly visited Lee Hi and Lee Su Hyun’s studio to share his pieces of advice and feedback.

About this, Lee Hi said, “In my case, I get a lot of feedback from Yang Hyun Suk. I think he puts a lot of restrictions on me overall. He cares for me in many ways, including in the album production. One thing that I remember out of the things he said is, ‘Even if you have strength, don’t try to settle and work harder.”

[Interview] Hi Suhyun Talks Winning No.1, Yang Hyun Suk′s Training Style and More

“I was really surprised while I was preparing for Hi Suhyun’s new song. Because the way Yang Hyun Suk treats (Lee) Hi unnie and Akdong Musician is completely different. When I was recording Akdong Musician’s album, we made so many demos and recorded so many times but not even once did he interfere in the process. Even when he comes to the recording studio for a moment he would say, ‘Go ahead and record,’ and go back out. I thought that was his style but unlike how he freed Akdong Musician, he reached his hands out a lot for unnie. I think he treats singers differently depending on their needs.” (Lee Suhyun)

“(Lee) Suhyun and I are jealous of each other. When Suhyun sings, Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t interfere and lets her sing freely and gives light feedback when the song goes up on the set list. With my songs, he gives me feedback on each and every song. In a way, he is very strict with me and give me a lot of constructive feedback. I don’t know if it’s because I have the style of a trouble maker but he instructs different artists in a different way.” (Lee Hi)

Hi Suhyun will be carrying on with its promotions through music broadcasts. Lee Hi expressed her desire to showing a unique performance as Hi Suhyun instead of a soloist. About upcoming performances, Lee Hi said, “I would like to leave it up to the fans’ imagination as much as I can when it comes to stage performance. I think the focus will be on how different we are from each other. We want to present surprising performances.”

Lee Su Hyun explained, “The lyrics are about being ‘different’ so I think we’ll be showing interesting performances in which Lee Hi unnie and I fight with our eyes and hold each other in check. Yang Hyun Suk came down to our practice studio and watched our choreography for hours. He advised us to glare and point fingers at each other. I think the focus will be on keeping each other in check.”

“Who is Hi Suhyun’s role model? We don’t have a role model. We would like to be unique characters that don’t exist anywhere else.”

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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