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[Twitter Roundup] SUJU Kyuhyun Shows His Gratitude, Lee Jong Suk Wear a Flower in His Bushy Hair, and More

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2014.11.13 19:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The SNS world is quick and always on the move, so we capture some of the day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Check it all out!

Realizing it′s Sooneung day, g.o.d′s Son Ho Young wrote, "Today is Sooneung, right? Sooneung fightinggggggggg. Of course, the weather gets cold on Sooneung day. Be careful of catching a cold and wear warm clothes. I hope you hit daebak!"

With her entertainment program co-host, SNSD′s Sooyoung wrote, "Sooneung-takers, don′t get nervous, and if you′re not sure of the answer, just pick well. I′ll pray that you′ll refreshingly solve through both questions you know and don′t know! The weather is cold, so bundle up! Fighting! I′m cheering for you."

EXO′s Chanyeol was busy at work on his computer, but still remembered to send his encouragement to all 640,000 test takers today by saying, "2015 Sooneung exam D-1! It′s finally one day before the exam. To all the high school seniors in Korea, you all did so well during this time. There are probably test-takers who are waiting for tomorrow, and others who feel regrettable and are looking for more time, but for tomorrow, just empty your hearts, and I′ll pray that all of your efforts will be shown!! Sleep early tonight and wake up bright and early so your mind is clear. Eat breakfast food that′s easy to digest!! Remember to take sweet chocolate and wear warm clothes, but don′t wear too much since the testing centers can be hot, so just wear enough! Don′t be nervous and do great on the test tomorrow."

Working hard as well, B2ST′s Gi Kwang posted, "I′m going to practice!"

Escaping the cold winds in Korea, 2NE1′s Sandara Park was off in the Philippines, writing, "Dara, under the sea."

Eric Nam celebrated Christmas early, writing, "Early Christmas Gift from Jo Malone London! Thank you! Next up on the gift relay~~ Key!"

2PM′s Taecyeon was off in America, tweeting, "my friend david and at the corner khun."

Park Shin Hye took a picture with her onscreen uncle, writing, "A beautiful blossomed cosmos in Cheongsang-do in the hair~ Flower Uncle Dalpo and Squid Niece In Ha... Puhahaha Please be with Pinocchio again tonight! This picture was uploaded with permission from Uncle Dalpo. Bow."

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun expressed his gratitude to the people who came to his showcase, writing, "Thank you everyone who came out today!! Our Ryeongu and Teukkie hyung, My ShimChwang, pretty announcer Lee Ji Ae, and our ELFs, thank you ^^."

Photo credit: All mentioned stars′ SNS

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