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[Video] Shinhwa, B.A.P, Infinite, SHINee, and More Send Final Encouragement to Sooneung-Takers

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2014.11.13 11:35 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The big day has begun, and more than 600,000 people in Korea entered testing facilities to take the Sooneung exam.

Plenty of stars sent final encouragement messages, sending good energy and advice to all the test-takers.

BTOB′s Lee Min Hyuk tweeted, "All the test-takers in Korea, good job running all the way to today. I hope that your abilities will show even more, without regrets. Don′t be nervous. Be confident! Fighting!"

ZE:A′s Im Si Wan wrote, "I support all the test takers!"

Infinite′s Woohyun wrote, "Inspirit, Sooenung fighting!! Cheer up!! Do well! I will too!

SHINee′s Onew wrote, "Fighting in the best condition," while Jonghyun wrote, "Pat pat. You all did well, so now sleep well. Tomorrow is the day! Don′t toss and turn and put down all your worries and fear and just sleep, so you can wake up refreshed. Pat pat. You all did well throughout this long period. Really."

[Video] Shinhwa, B.A.P, Infinite, SHINee, and More Send Final Encouragement to Sooneung-Takers

2AM′s Jin Woon wrote, "For some odd reason, it always get so cold on Sooneung day. Test takers, fighting!"

BTS′ J-Hope wrote, "Finally! Tomorrow is Sooneung!! For all the students to be in good conditions and for good results, Hope is supporting you! Hope is giving you hope. Hhahahaha. All the students in Kwangju International High School, fighting!"

B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang wrote, "To all the test-takers, the weather has gotten really cold. Do your best tomorrow! Everything will turn out well! fighting!"

B.A.P′s Daehyun wrote, "Do as well on tomorrow′s Sooneung as you′ve prepared and don′t regret it! Our BABYz, and our maknae, Zelo, and all the seniors in Korea, I sincerely support you!"

Youngjae also wrote, "As the weather has gotten really coold, wear warm clothes! Be careful of catching a cold! People taking the exam, take it comfortably! If you wear tight clothes, you can′t digest properly, so wear many layers and comfortable clothes in the classroom! Fighting!! Ah, I miss you too."

Block B tweeted, "It′s finally tomorrow! We hope that there are good results for how much you′ve prepared. BBC test-takers, Oppas are cheering you on. Fighting! (The weather is really cold. BBC test-takers, and all BBCs, be careful of colds!"

Shinhwa also left a video, saying it′s been 17 years since they′ve wished test-takers luck. The members also shared a few tips for students to be aware of on the test day and wished everyone would have good results.

And many more stars sent good wishes and support.

Good luck to all the test-takers today!

Photo Credit:ShinCom Entertainment, Mentioned stars′ SNS

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