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′Top Two Male′ Dramas Take Over TV

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2012.06.16 23:00 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Dramas starring two male leads, or top two male dramas, are taking over the small screen.

Ryu Deok Hwan and Ahn Nae Sang of OCN’s God’s Quiz 3, Son Hyun Joo and Kim Sang Joong of SBS’ The Chaser, Ju Won and Shin Hyeon Jun of KBS2’s Bridal Mask and Song Seung Hun and Lee Bum Soo of MBC’s Dr. Jin have been taking turns shaking up the small screen all seven days of the week.

′Top Two Male′ Dramas Take Over TV

God′s Quiz

In the medical investigative drama God’s Quiz 3, which airs every Sunday, Ryu Deok Hwan and Ahn Nae Sang have been spicing up the story with their ‘Tom and Jerry’ relationship.

The third season of the drama introduced Ahn Nae Sang as the old-timer Bae Tae Sik, and had him butt heads with Ryu Deok Hwan acting as the genius medical examiner Han Jin Woo. The two always differ in opinion, but whenever a case needs to be solved they respect each other’s strengths and act as an unbeatable duo.

Their skilled acting, witty adlibs and teamwork is paying off as God’s Quiz 3 has managed to sit at the top of the viewership rating charts for its time slot for four weeks in a row since its first episode. It has also been praised for the effortless mixing of a medical drama with the investigative genre.

A rep from God’s Quiz 3 said, “[The drama] is about how elite doctors from Korea University try to get to the bottom of mysterious deaths and the secrets behind a rare disease. Its unique subject, entertaining detective work, realistic characters and dynamic storytelling are beloved by its viewers for being of a quality that surpasses even that of American dramas. At its high, it’s even reached near three percent in viewership ratings, and it’s found its place as Korea’s one and only seasonal investigation drama.”

The Chaser

The rivals Son Hyun Joo and Kim Sang Joong of SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama, The Chaser, have also been garnering praise for their hair-raising acting skills.

Detective Baek Hong Seok’s 17-year-old daughter gets involved in a hit-and-run accident, and while she survives the crash, she is ultimately killed by a larger power.

The shock makes the detective lose his wife also, and so he starts to fight to learn the truth behind his daughter’s death and to topple the great authority.

Son Hyun Joo, who plays Baek Hong Seok, has been making his viewers shed tears with his every move by acting out his role as a desperate father.

Kim Sang Joong, in the role of the cold and ambitious Kang Dong Yoon, also heightens the tension with his charismatic acting, which even shows him taking a little girl’s life with money for his presidential bid.

As the drama progresses, the actors’ powers and skills are succeeding in attracting more and more viewers.

Bridal Mask

In KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Bridal Mask, Ju Won and Shin Hyeon Jun have been turning heads with their acting.

The drama is based on a comic of the same title by Heo Young Man, released in 1974, and is about how the ‘Bridal Mask’ Kang To fights against Japanese rule to give the Joseon people hope.

It grabbed a lot of attention with its Korean superhero character, its story of a hero hidden behind a mask fighting the Japanese and its splendid action scenes.

Ju Won’s first lead role as Lee Kang To drew praise due to his flowing action scenes and skilled acting, and Shin Hyeon Jun, who appears as Ju Won’s big brother Lee Kang San, has been playing a role that seems to have two characters in it at once. Kang San appears as a fool by day, but transforms into the hero Bridal Mask by night, requiring Shin Hyeon Jun to act as a fool and a serious hero in the same piece.

Dr. Jin

Song Seung Hun and Lee Bum Soo have been doing well in MBC’s weekend drama Dr. Jin.

Dr. Jin is a time-jumping medical drama that has the top doctor in 2012 Korea go back in time to work as a doctor in the 1860s Joseon period.

Song Seung Hun took on the role of Jin Hyuk, who is transported to the Joseon period in the blink of an eye, and acts out how Jin Hyuk adapts to his new environment, even performing the Joseon period’s first brain surgery.

Lee Bum Soo’s acting is also making issues, as he appears as Lee Ha Eung and helps Jin Hyuk out as a friend. His casual attitude and charismatic eyes prove he’s not called the ‘Never-Fail God of acting’ for nothing.

Viewers have thus been showing their delight at the array of dramas available to them these days, saying.‘I laugh and cry with the different characters of these two-top male actors’, ‘This is why my week goes by so fast’ and ‘I’m so into dramas these days.′

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