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Ahn Jae Hyeon Purposely Worked Near a Women’s University to Be Near Girls

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2014.11.12 17:08 Newsen Ha Soo Jung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Ahn Jae Hyeon caught the heart of the female fans at a women’s university.

Having starred in the film Fashion King, Ahn Jae Hyeon met with his fans through an event held on November 11 in Duksung Women’s University.

The students at Duksung Women’s University not only waited in line four hours before the event started, they applauded and cheered loudly upon seeing Ahn Jae Hyeon. Walking to the middle of the audience like in a runway, Ahn Jae Heyon shook hands with each of the students.

Upon meeting the Duksung Women’s Universtiy students, Ahn Jae Hyeon said, “This is my first time visiting a women’s university. I was very nervous as I walked to the stage. Thank you for showing your interest and love for my first film Fashion King. I would like to do my best to return the love today.”

During the first corner called ‘Ahn Jae Hyeon Asks You,’ Ahn Jae Hyeon gave out questions he made about the movie Fashion King and gave out hugs to those students who got the right answer. He then carried on the heated atmosphere by giving out signed gifts. All students raised their hands even before the questions were asked, expressing their interest in the film.

Then Ahn Jae Hyeon answered the questions that the audience sent in through a previous event. About the question asking the ideal type of men, Ahn Jae Hyeon said, “It’s different for all men but I like girls who are feminine. But as long as you’re confident with your style, it looks beautiful no matter what style you have.”

Then to an audience member who asked where she can meet men as a student at a women’s university, Ahn Jae Hyeon answered, “I used to work park time near a women’s university on purpose. You have to go to the places where you can find people of the opposite gender.”

Ahn Jae Hyeon Purposely Worked Near a Women’s University to Be Near Girls

During the last corner called ‘Ahn Jae Hyeon Will Solve Your Problem,’ the female college students shared their concerns in terms of fashion and dating to which Ahn Jae Hyeon offered advice.

When asked if he could date a girl who is eight years apart from him, Ahn Jae Hyeon said, “I don’t think that age matters when it comes to love. If you love each other it doesn’t matter. I think women are still girls no matter how old they become.”

Ahn Jae Hyeon also selected the audience member who had the best fashion style and showed his aegyo, heating up the lecture hall. The female student who was chosen then requested that Ahn Jae Hyeon give her a back hug, making everyone burst out laughing.

Ahn Jae Hyeon wrapped up the event by saying, “I received a lot of good energy thanks to your enthusiastic response. I would like to thank all those who waited in line from early on and those who stayed until the end by standing because there were no more seats. Although it was for a short time, it became an unforgettable memory for me.”

Meanwhile, Fashion King is a film based on Naver’s webtoon series of the same title that earned 4.4 million clicks in a week, a total of 500 million views and recorded ranking number one on Naver’s Webstoon Best for 26 weeks. It depicted the story of Woo Ki Myung who opens his eyes to fashion and decides to become the coolest man in the world for the love of his life. Ahn Jae Hyeon took the role of Woo Ki Myung’s rival Kim Won Ho, Park Se Young acted as Kian High School’s goddess, f(x) Sulli acted as the number one student in Kian High School and Shin Ju Hwan acted as Woo Ki Myung’s best friend.

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