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Park Hae Jin and Anti-Fans Deliver Briquette Coals Together

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2014.11.05 13:41 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Demonstrating what true reconcilation and forgiveness looks like, Park Hae Jin and his anti-fans volunteered together.

On October 31, Park Hae Jin participated in briquette coal delivery in Guryong Village with volunteers, his fans, as well as his anti-fans, who left malicious online comments.

Back in March, Park Hae Jin sued these anti-fans, but after they wrote letters of apology, Park Hae Jin dropped the lawsuit, making them promise they′ll do community service with him.

Park Hae Jin, who has continuously volunteered and donated back to society for the past eight years, demonstrated what forgiveness looked like through the briquette coal community service event with his anti-fans.

Park Hae Jin and Anti-Fans Deliver Briquette Coals Together

On this day, Park Hae Jin donated briquette coals, daily necessities, and gift cards for families in need, ahead of the cold winter season.

Despite rain, low temperatures, and fatigue, Park Hae Jin continued to serve, making sure the atmosphere during the event stayed positive. He later even prepared a snack car for the fans, anti-fans, and volunteers.

To the anti-fans, who appeared somewhat awkward, Park Hae Jin approached them first and talked with them, showing his good-nature. With Park Hae Jin leading the way, the thirty people on scene delivered 1600 briquette coals in five hours.

"The ways to repay the love that was received is different for everyone. That is how we began this project. It′s easy to get tired during volunteering if your heart is not in it," stated Park Hae Jin′s agency. "Through this community service event with fans, we learned how to communicate sincerely with the anti-fans, who learned how to express themselves in a different way."

"We became more grateful than ever, and more than anything, Park Hae Jin, who was able to bring this into action, is especially in high spirits. We hope that this happiness will be sent to many other people."

Park Hae Jin is currently appearing OCN′s Bad Guys.

Photo Credit: WM Company

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