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[Twitter Roundup] SNSD, GOT7, Rainbow, and More Dress Up For Halloween. and More

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2014.10.31 18:20 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The SNS world is quick and always on the move, so we capture some of the day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Check it all out!

Getting in the Halloween spirit, Rainbow′s Jakeyung tranformed into the three-eyed alien from Toy Story, tweeting, "Designer Kim′s passionate way to work on Halloween. kekeke. With king shower loofah, Macaron."

She even made the costumes by hand!

SNSD′s Taeyeon flaunted her Halloween makeup, writing, "Halloween makeup. I did it."

SNSD′s Tiffany also dressed up, writing, "Version 2014 * attempting to be a scary bunny. #Fail #Halloween #TIFFBUNNY."

Actor Choi Woo Shik ran into Homer Simpson and a dog, making him go, "kekekekekekekekekekekekeke."

GOT7′s Bam Bam wished everyone a "Happy Halloween" before jetting off on his mop stick.

Although not entirely for Halloween, the Super Junior members also dressed up for their Super Show 6, as Choi Siwon wrote, "Anna and El-sanaee* and wild horse-si."

*Sanaee means man

Eric Nam squealed about this adorable puppy with a lot of exclmation marks, followed by, "I want a dog."

B2ST′s Yong Jun Hyung posed with Yoon Du Jun, before saying, "gracias Mexico."

2PM′s Wooyoung bid farewell to Shin Hae Chul, who was laid to rest on October 31. Wooyoung wrote, "I cannot forget the day when I was lost all day in one song. Sunbaenim, thank you."

He posted the lyrics to N.EX.T′s Fly Chick, which includes the words, "Good-bye, Yali. I wonder if you are flying in a place with no pain. Good-bye, Yali. I wonder if flowers will bloom this year as well on your tiny grave."

Photo credit: All mentioned stars′ SNS

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