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[Interview] Ladies Code Kwon Rise’s Death Became Turning Point in Ko Sung Hee′s Life

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2014.11.02 15:00 Newsen Jeong Jee Won Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Ko Sung Hee brought up her friend, the late Kwon Rise of Ladies Code.

During a recent interview with Newsen, Ko Sung Hee mentioned having gone through a tough time while filming MBC’s The Night Watchman’s Journal and how she overcame a slump period.

‘Do Ha’ in The Night Watchman’s Journal is a strong-minded character who actively deals with her problems. However, Do Ha became more passive as the drama unfolded and Ko Sung Hee faced issues surrounding her acting skills as she had a hard time understanding her character.

[Interview] Ladies Code Kwon Rise’s Death Became Turning Point in Ko Sung Hee′s Life

Ko Sung Hee said, “There was a time when I was struggling both externally and internally while I was filming. I depicted a character named Do Ha who was full of willpower in the beginning of the drama but as I read mixed reviews I also began to question on how I should depict the character. I got scared and couldn’t do anything. I found myself trying to take the safe route, which I didn’t like. That was when 8th to 10th episode were airing.”

She continued, “Then a precious member of my family (cousin) and a friend (the late Kwon Rise) passed away. That’s when I came to my senses. That became the turning point in my life. I thought that I should not waste 1 second or 1 minute and that I cannot dare complain in this situation. I was very sad, but I had to think that way.”

[Interview] Ladies Code Kwon Rise’s Death Became Turning Point in Ko Sung Hee′s Life

Ko Sung Hee began focusing more on her character and as time passed the issues surrounding her acting ability also slowly disappeared.

Ko Sung Hee said, “It was like entering puberty as an actress. I struggled as I grew, realized how hard acting is and started thinking with a sense of responsibility. So The Night Watchman’s Journal will be a very meaningful project for me. It’s the project that made me stronger.”

Lastly Ko Sung Hee said, “I think The Night Watchman’s Journal only showed my potential. I want to show my charms more wisely in the next project. I think my next step is important. I will work hard with a thankful heart to show you good acting.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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