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[Interview] Go Joon Hee Talks Acting Alongside Yoon Kye Sang, 2PM’s Chansung and More in ‘Red Carpet’

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2014.11.02 19:00 Newsen Ha Soo Jung Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Go Joon Hee revealed that it was not awkward at all having skinship with Yoon Kye Sang while filming Red Carpet.

Go Joon Hee acted opposite Yoon Kye Sang through the film Red Carpet. They two became acquainted with each other by appearing in the drama Crazy For You and has since been good colleagues.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Go Joon Hee said, “It wasn’t awkward since Kye Sang oppa and I knew each other. It was more comfortable. It would’ve been embarrassing if it was an actor I didn’t know but we played around while filming. We would say things like, ‘Should we do at this angle, director?’ or ‘How about this?’ and enjoyed filming.”

[Interview] Go Joon Hee Talks Acting Alongside Yoon Kye Sang, 2PM’s Chansung and More in ‘Red Carpet’

About idol-turned-actor Yoon Kye Sang and 2PM’s Chansung, Go Joon Hee said, “They’re good at not only singing and dancing but acting as well, so I’m envious in many ways. I was surprised because Chansung was so good. I’m personally close to Yoon Eun Hye unnie and every time I see her act, I feel like she’s good. I have no stereotypes against them. I’m the most jealous about the fact that they have so many talents and are not even nervous in front of the camera.”

Red Carpet is about a 19 plus erotic film director Jung Woo (Yoon Kye Sang) who coincidentally meets and starts living with a top actress named Eun Soo (Go Joon Hee) and produces his first film that he can confidently show the audience by overcoming the stereotypes surrounding him. It is based on the true story of director Park Bum Soo, who produced about 270 erotic films.

When asked, “Did the actors and actresses really walk around naked during filming?” Go Joon Hee said, “I joined in the later half of the movie so I didn’t see. Everyone was dressed at the set and they had really nice bodies. I thought they were dolls from behind when they were wearing tight dresses. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all because we’re all actors.”

[Interview] Go Joon Hee Talks Acting Alongside Yoon Kye Sang, 2PM’s Chansung and More in ‘Red Carpet’

Go Joon Hee recently shared on a variety show that she read a comment saying that her her most notable project is ‘short hair,’ bringing humor to the fact that none of her projects gained a huge success.

“As an actress, I feel the happiest when my project receives recognition. I’m sad to hear that my most notable project is short hair, but I’m thankful for their interest. I would’ve been hurt if I was in my early 20’s but now I can just let it go. The fact that I don’t have a major work gives me motivation to work harder. I have many characters I would like to act out. From villain to 19 plus romance to action, I would like to show different sides of me.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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