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[Interview] Ko Sung Hee Shares on Growing through ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

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2014.11.01 16:00 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Despite getting burned on her arm, Ko Sung Hee only smiled as she called it, ‘the scar of honor.’ That’s how special the journey was to her.

As her first lead role and first historical drama, MBC’s The Night Watchman’s Journal presented many ‘firsts’ for Ko Sung Hee. Meeting the actress after the drama ended, Ko Sung Hee couldn′t help missing her character ‘Do Ha.’

“I still can’t think straight. It was hard to let go of Do Ha but at the same time I’m afraid I’m going to miss the staff and cast members who I spent many days with. I am not sure if I can overcome that.”

[Interview] Ko Sung Hee Shares on Growing through ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

Fortunately, a tight schedule was waiting for her even after the drama ended. Ko Sung Hee said, “It doesn’t feel like the drama is over. Maybe that’s fortunate. I think I would start feeling empty once I finish all my schedules.”

The fact that she chose to take her first lead role in a historical drama offered her many different challenges. Adding action and fantasy on top of that, she had to work that much harder, as if she was bringing out the taste of each ingredient used in a dish.

“It was a project that gave me many things to do. In a way I’m regretful that I met this project when I’m still in the process of growing, unable to pull it off perfectly. People only tell me good things and cheer me on but I know that I’m still lacking in many ways.”

Do Ha shows herself changing from a girl from deep in the mountains to a female shaman and to a night watcher. Do Ha’s growth process was depicted with perfection thanks to Ko Sung Hee’s passionate acting.

“The toughest part was acting out emotions I’ve never felt before. The character went through many ups and downs as the story unfolded and I struggled in figuring out how I should depict them. The Night Watchman’s Journal was about Do Ha’s growth process but in a way it was also about Ko Sung Hee’s growth process.”

[Interview] Ko Sung Hee Shares on Growing through ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

When asked to share a story from the set, Ko Sung Hee smiled.

“A story? There’s too many to count. I always fell asleep every time got a chance because I couldn’t get enough sleep. Kim Sung Oh sunbaenum would take pictures of me sleeping and then run away. (laughter) I got injured a lot because of the many action scenes.”

Revealing that her body was injured throughout filming, Ko Sung Hee wrapped her arm as she revealed that she got a burn there.

“I got injured a lot since I didn’t know the tricks to avoid injury. I will be treating my burn by going to the dermatologist,” adding, “I think I will be thinking about the project every time I see the burn. So I’m pleased.”

Another reason that this project was special for Ko Sung Hee is the people she worked with.

“We had a great teamwork. Although we were physically strained due to many days of filming overnight, that made the staff and cast members closer to each other. I also received a lot of help from sunbaenims and (Jung) Il Woo oppa who was always by my side.”

[Interview] Ko Sung Hee Shares on Growing through ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

About Jung Il Woo who acted opposite her, Ko Sung Hee said, “He shared many pieces of advice in terms of acting techniques. When I was struggling internally, he would tell me things he went through as a new actor and showed his consideration. I felt supported thanks to that.”

With 2014 nearing its end, Ko Sung Hee, who spent a busy year, shared, “When I was first cast as the lead actress in The Night Watchman’s Journal, I remember people were both concerned and anticipating. I received both criticism and supports but I would like to remember those words of support and become a long lasting actress. My dream is to become ‘a good actress, a good woman and a good person,’ and I would like to achieve all three.”

Showing her charms and respective attitude throughout the interview, Ko Sung Hee concluded, “If I’ve shown my potential as actress Ko Sung Hee until now I would like to meet a project that can really show my charms. In order to do that, I would have to choose my next project wisely. I am thinking that my next project will be a non-historical one… I don’t know if it’s because Do Ha couldn’t love to her fullest (laughter), I would like to act out a character who goes all out for her love or dreams in my next project.”

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