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[Interview] ‘DSP Boyz’ A-Jax Feels Honored at the Attention

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2012.06.13 00:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

DSP Media, home to the leading idols Fin.K.L, Sechs Kies and SS501, again decided to try its hand at changing the tide of K-Pop. Its weapon? The seven member group A-Jax, which takes its name from Ajax, hero of the Trojan War in Greek Mythology.

[Interview] ‘DSP Boyz’ A-Jax Feels Honored at the Attention

A-Jax vowed to conquer the scene like Ajax, with its members Jae Hyung, Hyo Jun, Yun Young, Sung Min, Seung Yub, Seung Jin and charismatic leader Hyeong Kon.

The members already wield fairly impressive resumes. Hyeong Kon made it to the Super Week of Mnet’s Superstar K2, and Seung Yub previously acted as the eldest son of the Tae Soo (Lee Hoon) and Jeong Ja (Choo Sang Mi) couple in the drama Love and Ambition in 2006. Seung Jin, who is a great dancer, won the golden medal at a dance competition in Daejeon. Although they’re still young, the members built on their careers and experience and finally landed a debut as A-Jax.

The group especially drew interest as the rookies of an agency that produced male groups that once stood at the forefront of K-Pop, such as Sechs Kies and SS501.

Member Sung Min said, “The public expects a lot from us because of the fame of DSP, which produced our seniors Sechs Kies and SS501. Of course we feel the pressure. Even if we perform 100 percent, we thought the public would only see 80 percent because their expectations are so high. If we show them 200 percent after some fierce practice, they’ll be able to see 150 percent, so we’ll have to sweat it out for a while. (Laugh)”

The members said that they felt more pressured because their debut followed that of the famous SS501.

“We grabbed a lot of attention because we were the first rookies in five years since SS501,” Hyeong Kon said. “We had fan sites popping up, and we got fan cafes in India, Spain, Sri Lanka and Japan. Of course we’re pressured, but since it’s better to have a lot of attention than none, we’re really thankful. We’re prepared to work as hard. We’ll show off skills that don’t fall behind our title as the group to follow SS501.”

[Interview] ‘DSP Boyz’ A-Jax Feels Honored at the Attention

That the group was from a renowned idol production company did it more good than harm. Of course, the members had to endure a long and difficult period before they started to think so. They had to get passing grades in a test given every month, and the tests were even given every week just before the member selections. Like Hyo Jun said, they “had a lot of psychological pressure” going on, and it wasn’t easy for the seven members of A-Jax to get to where they are now.

That’s why they’re more determined to achieve their goals.

Seung Yub said, “As we’ve debuted this year, we’re aiming toward letting the public hear our voices in a variety of music shows. We filmed a reality program before our debut, and we want to be an idol with two completely different images; charismatic on stage and friendly in reality.”

“In the long run, we hope to receive favorable reviews in Korea and also in Japan, where we’ll be debuting soon. We actually really want to win the rookie award at the year-end ceremonies. There are so many big groups, but if we continue to show our many different colors with a great image, we believe that we’ll be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with top singers in the future,” Hyeong Kon said.

Photo credit: DSP Media

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