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‘Romance’ Teacher Kim Ha Neul’s Comeback in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

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2012.06.12 16:30 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Do you remember the line ‘You’re a student, and I’m a teacher’?

The line is from the dialogue of the 2002 MBC drama Romance, in which Kim Ha Neul appeared as a schoolteacher and Kim Jae Won as a student. Romance gave light to the possibility that teachers and students can fall in love with each other, and crowned Kim Ha Neul and Kim Jae Won the king and queen of romance. Jinhae, the location where the drama took place, became one of the biggest attractions for cheery blossom trips.

‘Romance’ Teacher Kim Ha Neul’s Comeback in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

10 years later, Kim Ha Neul landed herself again in a teacher role. She still looks younger for her age, still has a body that can make anything look good and she also still has that lifting voice. She’s still a popular teacher among the students.

The actress still looks cute doing her laundry in a rubber basin, and she still can’t pull off a secret crush. Kim Chae Won of Romance was passionate toward drumming, and Seo Yi Su of A Gentleman’s Dignity uses her days off to play baseball.

As much as teacher Kim Ha Neul seems to be the same, however, she’s also pretty different. She’s no longer the Korean teacher that easily became lost in front of her male students. She’s now an ethics teacher that heads off her rough students with a rougher charisma.

Yi Su is good with her students. Chae Won would’ve fallen flat on her face while chasing after students trying to climb over the school’s fence, but Yi Su stands waiting for them on the other side. She’s not a weak schoolteacher anymore; she gives off an aura that says she’ll get back at those who try to pick a fight with her.

How, then, did the two teachers fare in the face of love? Chae Won had to get through accusations that she wasn’t fit to be a teacher when she fell in love with her student, and Yi Su started to cultivate feelings for her friend’s (Yoon Se Ah) man (Kim Soo Ro). She’s had a crush on a man for years after falling in love with him in a mere 20 seconds, and once her friend learns of this, it’s only a matter of time until it’s laid bare for all to see.

Yi Su of A Gentleman’s Dignity is also much beloved by her students. Kim Dong Hyup (Kim Woo Bin), the delinquent teenager, continues to show his feelings for teacher Yi Su. In the first episode, Dong Hyup and his gang helped Yi Su and Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) meet, but he’s continuing to appear again and again with even more screen time every episode. He may even be up for a confession like Choi Kwan Woo (Kim Jae Won) of Romance.

Teacher Kim Ha Neul’s first comeback in 10 years showed that she’s still loved by her viewers for her charms. Many are looking forward to seeing her carry her weight in A Gentleman’s Dignity as she did in Romance.

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