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[Interview] Akdong Musician Says Survival Shows are Extremely Stressful

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2014.10.18 20:00 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Akdong Musician spilled their thoughts on survival programs.

Akdong Musician won the trophy from SBS’s K-Pop Star 2 last year, showing its talents as singer-songwriters and unique music style.

Akdong Musician then signed a contract with YG Entertainment and debuted with the first full length album Play on April 7.

Following the previous season, SBS’s K-Pop Star 4 will begin filming on October 17, attended by YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP’s Park Jin Young and Antenna Music’s Yoo Hee Yeol.

About this, Lee Soo Hyun said during the interview carried out on October 16 in YG building, “Of course, I’ll be watching this season’s episodes. I will surely be watching it since Yang Hyun Suk will be on it. He sometimes asked us, ‘Have you been watching?’ when last season was airing too.”

[Interview] Akdong Musician Says Survival Shows are Extremely Stressful

K-Pop Star provides opportunities for the participants to receive systematic training and debut. The fact that the heads of YG and JYP are the judges on the show gathered numerous applicants in a short amount of time.

Lee Chan Hyuk said, “K-Pop Star is an extremely competitive survival program. I don’t think I can challenge myself with an audition program ever again. Survival shows are especially stressful for the people who have to write their songs. But one thing for sure is that you can grow so much from survivals. I don’t ever want to go on a survival show again, but if I reach my limit, I might need to.”

Lee Soo Hyun said, “During the survival show, you pour out your effort and get advice from many people and I think that’s why you naturally grow. It raises the bar for your average.”

Lee Soo Hyun recently appeared on the survival program Mix & Match. As a female vocalist from YG, Lee Soo Hyun prepared the collaboration match along with Lee Hi and Jang Hanna.

[Interview] Akdong Musician Says Survival Shows are Extremely Stressful

Lee Soo Hyun said, “I had a good experience on Mix & Match. I had a tough time for a month but I learned a lot. First, I realize the importance of Lee Chan Hyuk oppa. I was lying on bed and told him, ‘Thanks oppa. I think you’re a genius.’ I had to work with other people away from my brother for the mission. When I was giving my ideas and preparing the stage, I kept on thinking about my brother. I felt like he did all that for me until now. And I also came to realize the hardship of iKON’s leader B.I. I thought all the leaders of this world must go through the hardship.”

“I was in the same team with Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung and Jung Jin Hyung. I was pressured to sing as the female vocalist but I had to overcome it. It didn’t matter to me whether I win or not but since it was the matter of debuting or not for the other oppas, I felt pressured. I even lost weight from feeling pressured, unintentionally going on a diet. I got really close to the trainee oppas and we’re still close. I also got close to Jang Hanna and Lee Hi unnies. I personally enjoyed the time. But if I’m asked to do it again, I might have to think about it.”

Akdong Musician released the song Time and Fallen Leaves on October 10, ranking number one on 7 music charts. About his plan for the 2nd full length album, Lee Chan Hyuk said, “All the artists at YG are on stand by to make their comebacks. Since it hasn’t been long since we released our debut album, we’re currently working to prepare the songs."

Akdong Musicina will be launching its first national concert tour Akmu Camp on November 21 through 23 in Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, Seoul.

Photo credit: YG

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