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[Interview] Huh Gak is Aiming for Rookie Award

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2011.10.07 11:08 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Huh Gak looks like he was having a hard time. On the day he met with enews for this interview, he had been at the Seoul CJ E&M Center since 7:30 in the morning to rehearse for a music program. On top of his tight schedules, he hadn’t been able to eat properly because of his diet, so of course he was totally drained.

But behind his tired face, we could see a glimpse of his determination shining through. To proudly gain his title as ‘singer’ instead of ‘Superstar K2 winner’, he worked so hard for so many months, and was prepared to work hard for some more.

Recently returned with Bloom, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain has been doing her best to get connected with her fans by sharing her pole dancing videos, and now answering their questions.

[Interview] Huh Gak is Aiming for Rookie Award

[Interview] Huh Gak is Aiming for Rookie Award

“These days, I’m really pressured. I was really worried because it was my first album release after I had moved to a new agency. These days, I′m feeling what I felt when I won Superstar K2. It’s amazing to see an album released with my name on it, but it’s also very pressuring and burdensome. Everyone’s looking forward to it so much. But then again I’m taken aback by the explosive reactions.”

Huh Gak changed his voice tone for his album. When he was still a contestant in Superstar K2, Yoon Jong Shin, a judge for the show, had said that his voice wasn’t anything new. Perhaps it was because of that pointer that now Huh Gak’s voice had changed to a more colorful one, one which could be heard and immediately be recognized as his.

“I put more emotion into my original voice. I added nasal sounds, too. Rather than show off powerful vocal skills, I worked on putting in more emotion. I didn’t change the tone on purpose, but it changed naturally as I sang.”

The first single Hello, written by composers Choi Kyu Sung and Rado, is a ballad song easy on the ears. It tells of a longing for a lost lover. Huh Gak actually broke up with the girlfriend he said he was meeting in Superstar K2 while preparing for his album. We asked whether that experience showed in his album in any way.

“I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t reminded of the time I broke up with her. She was the one who left me. I put the emotions I felt back then into the songs.”

Many other prominent composers such as Jeon Hae Sung and Super Changddai also wrote songs for his album, which mostly holds ballads.

“I like the album. I thought that if I joined an agency the agency people would do everything the way they wanted, but they asked me about what I thought a lot. I did what I wanted to do.”

Huh Gak also lost a lot of weight in preparation for his promotion activities, losing about 10kgs, creeping close to 70kg.

“Trying to lose weight is very hard. I wasn’t thinking about doing it, but I was shocked at how I looked in KBS’s Immortal Song. The idol group members were all very slim and had great bodies, but [seeing] myself in their midst was so shocking. I always go around with my trainer, who was a former bodybuilder, to lose weight.”

A video released on October 18 by Gain’s agency shows Gain answers the various questions that her fans were curious about.

Gain honestly answered her questions, ranging from her album to even makeup styles.

Take a look below!

Photo credit: Loen Entertainment

[Interview] Huh Gak is Aiming for Rookie Award

Huh Gak says he still can’t believe who he’s become. He says that everything that happened after he won Superstar K2 last year still feels like a dream. He was never a trainee at an entertainment company, and he never had ties with celebrities before his debut. That is why his new life is a ‘celebrity’ seems so surreal. After his win, he let himself be known through various performances, and was also asked to perform in many events. He even met President Lee Myung Bak at the Blue House.

“I met all the people I wanted to meet. There were three singers I liked, and they were Lee Seung Chul, Kim Bum Su and Insooni. But I met them all. Lee Seung Chul was the judge for Superstar K2, and I met Kim Bum Su backstage at a KBS music show. Insooni, I met at the Daegu IAAF World Championships event.”

Huh Gak went to see Rain’s concert with Insooni in Daegu. Then Rain saw him in the audience and brought him up on stage. Every day yields such surprises. When Super Junior’s Kyuhyun calls him, as they became friends after they met in Immortal Song, he still wonders whether this is the real Kyuhyun he’s talking to.

“I saw Song Seung Hun earlier this year at MBC. I took a picture, too. And I met Lee Byung Hun together with Park Bo Ram. We ate together. That was amazing.”

He is still close to the fellow contestants he competed with in Superstar K2. Kim Bo Kyung, who is also promoting her album, and Jang Jae In and Kim Ji Su, who made their debut earlier than his, are all his close friends.

“They’re friends I can rely on. We meet often. We cheer for each other a lot, too. Park Bo Ram lost a lot of weight. You’ll be surprised.”

He still feels awkward about it, but he’s slowly finding his place as a real singer. He says that now he “feels motivated as a singer.”

“I’ve just made my debut, so I want to find the songs that fit me. Now I sing ballads, but after my albums succeed and I mature, I want to try new genres. I want to try band [music], and also trot. I will try a lot of things and I’ll study a lot.”

We asked what Huh Gak’s goals for this year were. He said they were ‘winning first place on a music show’ and ‘the rookie award’. Providentially enough, Huh Gak won first place in a music show after the interview on the same day, achieving his goal as soon as he said it. Now all that′s left is his rookie award - but at this rate, that goal doesn′t seem too far away.

Photo credit: A-Cube Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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