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[Interview] Kim Sa Eun Changed Her Mind About Marriage After Appearing on ‘Jjak’

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2014.10.18 13:00 Newsen Jung Jin Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Kim Sa Eun revealed that she once believed in remaining single.

Newsen met with Kim Sa Eun, who is starring in MBC Every1’s Boarding House 24th St. following the musical The Three Musketeers. Boarding House 24th St. is a sitcom realistically and candidly depicting the story of young people in their 20’s living under the same roof.

In Boarding House 24th St., Kim Sa Eun acts at the girl whose dream to marry a rich husband. She acts as a two-faced character who wears sloppy sweat suits at home but completely transforms into a elegant lady when she goes out for a blind date.

About her character, Kim Sa Eun explained, “There’s a bit of exaggeration since it’s a sitcom but in a way, she might be the most realistic character out of them all.”

Since marriage is one of the most contemplated issues for women in their 20’s, she claimed that her character, who considers marriage as the biggest goal in her life, reflects the concern of those their 20’s.

Kim Sa Eun said, “Since there are parts that are overly exaggerated, you might not be able to agree with it in the beginning but you will understand more as the story unfolds. The reason she is obsessed with marriage will be revealed. I was also able to understand her more as I filmed each week.”

[Interview] Kim Sa Eun Changed Her Mind About Marriage After Appearing on ‘Jjak’

Although she is acting as a girl obsessed with marriage, Kim Sa Eun revealed that she used to believe in remaining single. Since she wanted to study abroad, she didn’t have intention to get married. But that all changed when she appeared on SBS’s Jjak.

“After I was asked to appear on Jjak, my thoughts changed a lot. It was a place where different people gathered and just talked about dating for a whole week. As I spent six days with people who have different viewpoints, many of my biased thoughts disappeared and I thought for the first time, that I want to get married.”

[Interview] Kim Sa Eun Changed Her Mind About Marriage After Appearing on ‘Jjak’

Of course her thoughts about marriage have changed, but she says she has not been able to think seriously about marriage due to her performances and other schedules.

Kim Sa Eun revealed, “Before I appeared on Boarding House 24th St., I asked for advice from my friends who are married and even visited a marriage bureau.”

Having spread her name through Boarding House 24th St., what is Kim Sa Eun’s next goal in life?

“There will be no end if I start talking about musicals,” said Kim Sa Eun, who expressed her love for musicals as well as her desire to act in dramas after Boarding House 24th St..

“I have many things I want to show. If I showed comical actions in Boarding House 24th St., I would like to try something serious too. I personally like characters with a twist. I’ve been wanting to act out professional characters, such as a reporter, announcer, lawyer, or doctor. Since I’m the type to stick with one thing, I think I would enjoy acting out a professional character.”

MBC Every1’s Boarding House 24th St. starring Kim Sa Eun airs every Tuesday at 5:56 p.m. (KST).

Photo credit: MBC Every1

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