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[Hangul Day Special] ㅇ is for ERIC

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2014.10.09 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

In celebration of Hangul Day, we′ve decided to roll out a special series introducing you to the Korean alphabet (consonants only)! We′ve selected a celebrity for each letter of the Korean alphabet as well as a correlating vocabulary word!

We′ll be teaching you how to say the Korean words properly as well as give you some sentences showing you how to use the words in daily conversation - so time to get studying, K-entertainment style!

[Hangul Day Special]  ㅇ is for ERIC

ㅇ(E, I, Y)

에릭 (Eric)
singer (Shinhwa), actor, expert at smelling things burning

1. strange, weird, odd, unusual, bizarre

is a tricky consonant to say because depending on the word, the pronunciation changes, so it can be both quite easy or very difficult to say. Luckily, we’ve chosen Eric from Shinhwa to represent our , and that’s pretty simple to say since the name itself is in English, right?

To pronounce Eric as the Koreans say it, you would say ‘eh,’ skip a short beat, and ‘lik’ (the sound found somewhere between leek and reek).

When Eric comes to mind, we think of the leader of Shinhwa and cheesy drama lines, but it’s also impossible to forget about his 4D personality, directly leading us to the statement, 이상하다, meaning strange, weird, and the like.

In the past, Eric has shown us a lot of 이상한 (adj: strange) moments, whether it was breathing fire, making bunny ears with his feet, or obsessing over the dumpling-like ears of his fellow members, and that’s just start of it all.

Perhaps it was his influence as a leader, but we have to say the rest of the Shinhwa members are also 이상한 people, but in the most endearing way that makes us appreciate them more for breaking down that perfect boy band image.

Here are some sentences you can say for the next time Eric does something weird.

1. “에릭 완전 이상하다.” - Eric is totally weird.
Eric wan-jun ee-sang-ha-da.

2. “에릭은 이상한 행동을 해도 멋있다.” - Eric is still cool when he does weird things.
Eric-eun ee-sang-han haeng-dong-eul hae-do mut-sheit-dah.

3. “에릭이랑 똑같이 신화 멤버들도 이상하다.“ - Just like Eric, the Shinhwa members are weird too.
Eric-ee-rang ttok-gat-chi Shinhwa member-deul-do ee-sang-ha-da.

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