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[Hangul Day Special] ㅊ is for CL (CHAELIN)

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2014.10.09 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

In celebration of Hangul Day, we′ve decided to roll out a special series introducing you to the Korean alphabet (consonants only)! We′ve selected a celebrity for each letter of the Korean alphabet as well as a correlating vocabulary word!

We′ll be teaching you how to say the Korean words properly as well as give you some sentences showing you how to use the words in daily conversation - so time to get studying, K-entertainment style!

[Hangul Day Special] ㅊ is for CL (CHAELIN)

ㅊ (ch)

채린 (Chaelin):
1. singer (2NE1), fashionista, badass gzb,

2. the best

Coming up next is the consonant , which solely creates the ch- sound. And representative for will be our baddest female, 2NE1’s CL, or Chaelin.

When we think of CL, we think of 2NE1’s I Am the Best, and how amazing is it that if you translate ‘I Am the Best’ into Korean, it comes out as ‘나는 최고다,’ which uses this very ch- consonant.

And considering that CL came out of the gate with her guns up and skills ready to slay the competition - we′re pretty sure she′s deserving of being associated with ′THE BEST′.

So next time you′re trying to explain why CL is the best - use these sentences to show off why you′re the best (at Korean, at least...)

1. “체린이는 설명 필요없이 그냥 최고야.” - Chaelin is the best without any explanation needed.
chae-lin-ee-neun seol-myung pil-yo-up-see geu-nyang che-go-ya

2. “체린 랩하는거 봤는데 최고였어” - I saw Chaelin rap and it was the best.
chae-lin rep-ha-neun-guh bat-neun-dae che-go-yut-ssuh

3. “2014년 최고의 가수가 체린이였으면 좋겠다” - It would be nice if Chaelin was voted as the best singer of 2014.
ee-chun-ship-sa-nyun che-go-ae ga-soo-ga chae-lin-ee-yut-seuh-myun jot-gaet-da

CL (2NE1) 20141009 Hangul Day Special 20141009
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