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[Interview Part II] Lee Seung Gi Talks Girls, Scandals and Celebrity Life

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2012.06.11 21:13 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

This interview is a continuation from part I, which can be found here.

The recently concluded MBC drama, The King 2Hearts is a project that has given a lot to Lee Seung Gi. He was able to fulfill two wishes with it.

One was to work with director Lee Jae Gyu, and the other was to act with Ha Ji Won.

[Interview Part II] Lee Seung Gi Talks Girls, Scandals and Celebrity Life

“With this project, I was able to make two wishes come true. Ha Ji Won really is an amazing actress. She was able to bring in one million audience members through her movie, and even made dramas popular. She’s one of the few actors who is able cross all the borders. Not only that, she’s also very nice on set.”

Interviewing with enews, Lee Seung Gi was still aching from Ha Ji Won fever even after the drama was over. It was to the point where his steadfast love for Girls’ Generation Yoona as his ideal type has changed to Ha Ji Won.

“Although she has way more experience than I do, she’s very innocent. She never calculates anything so it was fun working with her from beginning to end. Isn’t a woman who is talented and also sweet the dream girl for all men? That’s why I changed my ideal type.”

Since he brought it up, we asked about his ideal type. We were very curious about his stance on the opposite sex.

“I’m the type that falls in love at first sight. I look more carefully after falling in love, and don’t analyze first then like someone. Looks are definitely important (laughter)," said Lee Seung Gi. "According to my standards, she needs to be pretty. Of course, most people will say that people that I think are beautiful will agree that they′re beautiful."

[Interview Part II] Lee Seung Gi Talks Girls, Scandals and Celebrity Life

With no hesitation in honestly talking about his ideal type and relationship status, Lee Seung Gi has surprisingly never been swept up in a real scandal.

Perhaps it was his good-mannered and responsible image that shielded him from such events, but even without them, he too suffered from rumors like other celebrities, whether it was about his family, relationships with female stars, or random stories that floated around from mouth to mouth or even the internet.

“The amount of rumors on the internet about me is no joke. There are some that are embarrassing to even say with my own mouth. You know that saying, ‘There’s smoke without a fire?’ Sometimes, people just enjoy creating their own fires, but to a certain point. I do understand the stories about a celebrity’s romantic relationships because I also get curious about it," said Lee Seung Gi.

"But since it’s our job to smile most of the time, most biased people claim that someone is 100 percent dating with another. For a person to meet and break up with someone is no simple matter. There’s a higher chance that these celebrity rumors that the public spreads are false.”

But the rumors aren′t always about relationships.

Speculations and rumors get spread and collected into such things like the ‘X-Files.’ The information in these files may not even be true, but have such a huge impact on the images of celebrities that sometimes it makes it impossible for the star to recover from it.

Kang Ho Dong, who was under the suspicion of tax evasion, also took a temporary leave from the entertainment industry due to similar circumstances. Kang Ho Dong was a senior who Lee Seung Gi believed in and relied on the most.

“I may be picking sides because I am a celebrity, but sometimes there are so many unfortunate cases. They’re so cruel. The fact that little stories that were shared over drinks can easily become a public issue…," said Lee Seung Gi. "Celebrities are so weak in society and can do nothing but suffer the consequences. If the facts were true, so be it, but there are so many times when the rumors are false and it’s so unfortunate.”

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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