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[Interview] Sung Yuri′s Stance on Nude Scenes

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2012.06.11 12:20 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

′Girl group Fin.K.L. member.′

This is a title that annoyingly tags along actress Sung Yuri (30).

So her current challenge is always written in the present form - Sung Yuri is desperately trying to stand alone as an actress and not as a singer.

Not many people know that this fight has been going on for 10 years, so now she′s issued a new challenge to the new genre of comedy with the movie Detective Cha

Curiosity is on the move to how Sung Yuri, who always had passive roles, will act as a diva and how she will provoke laughter on the silver screen. Enews met with her and solved that curiosity.

[Interview] Sung Yuri′s Stance on Nude Scenes

The Sung Yuri We Met…

If we were to be nitpicky, Sung Yuri would fall under the category of boring people. With 14 years under her belt, she′s skilled in speaking with logic and avoiding awkward questions, but she’s the kind of person that’s hard to meet eyes with. It’s difficult to naturally meet the humanistic side to her.

About this personality, she said, “I shy away from things a lot.”

But once you get closer to her, you’ll be able to see her true side. As time passed, she really began to open up on her true feelings on acting.

With only an hour interview, it was hard to understand the person Sung Yuri, but it was more than enough to rid of her initial status as a girl group member and re-title her as an actress.

After watching the movie, how was it?

“It was definitely different than any other projects I took on. It was interesting and funny. I was able to take on the female role that I always respected, and I enjoyed working with Kang Ji Hwan. Right now, more than saying it was this or that, I’m more excited that my face is even on the poster.”

Your challenge into comedy seems a little bit sudden.

“Because I’ve always been in very heavy projects, it became hard for me emotionally and physically. But with a comedic movie, the atmosphere mood was really bright and very fun. People say that instead of making people cry, it’s harder to make people laugh. I now have this greed to make people laugh.”

In the movie, you play a very sharp designer. Is your real personality like that?

“Well…I think, to say that I’m 180 degrees different is correct. In reality, I’ve been told that I’m an easy-going tomboy. Young Jae in the movie is like a cat and also enjoys seducing guys. In more ways than one, she’s the type of woman that I like. People around me are surprised and say, ‘When did Sung Yuri have a side like that?’”

Your passionate kiss scene with Kang Ji Hwan has been gathering attention.

“More than romance, the movie is stronger in comedy. But I didn’t want to completely ignore that area. I wanted to show all the melodrama I could with that one kiss scene. So I actively gave ideas and even asked Kang Ji Hwan to do the kiss scene from Gone With the Wind. Then he teased me about me being direct now that I’m old.”

[Interview] Sung Yuri′s Stance on Nude Scenes

In the movie, you‘re able to pull of Lady GaGa’s Outfit

“Director Shin said he didn′t want the audience to know that it was Sung Yuri from my first appearance. So I decided to wear something that stood out and that was Lady GaGa’s outfit. It was a scene where I had to overreact, so it was hard to bring up the courage to do so. But because it was an elevator scene with a few of the staff, I was able to do it. If they told me to do it again, I don’t think I could.”

Kang Ji Hwan also had a drastic transformation. How was it watching and working with him?

“It’s been four years since I last saw him through KBS’ Hong Gil Dong. I think he has become more of a perfectionist since then, especially after seeing him lose all the weight that he gained. I realized that a sudden diet can make a person suffer. If it was me, I wouldn’t be able to do. I’m impressed by his professionalism.”

The title of ‘Girl Group Member’ has been following you for 10 years.

“Before, I just wanted to get rid of it. I felt that it was getting in the way of my acting career. But after 10 years of acting, I realized that being a singer is part of Sung Yuri. Now that acting is the main focus of my career, I am satisfied, maybe even comfortable. I want to continue getting closer with the viewers and audiences through acting.”

You are in competition with Jo Yeo Jeong’s The King’s Concubine. Is actress Sung Yuri ever going to do nude scenes?

“This is a question I can clearly answer. I will never do it. If you’re confident about it, then it’s okay. But with my personality, I don’t think I can overcome it. Maybe I will if my thoughts or environments changes as I grow older, but as of now, I stand by my decision."

Is your real personality this serious?

“I tend to shy away from things a lot. Only people close to me know my fun side. If you reveal a lot of the things that happen inside my van, they would make big issues. I even do good impressions of my closest friends and have been told I’m the master of imitation. I will do my best to imitate famous people now.”

We’re curious about your future plans. What kind of acting do you want to do? Are there specific roles you want to take?

“A genius artist? That’s what I want to do as a movie actress. I thought about it a lot after watching La Vie en Rose. I want to appear on not just television but also in a lot of movies, but I’m also very happy with the fact that I’m able to even shoot movies.”

How do you want audiences to view Detective Cha and actress Sung Yuri?

“I hope they can laugh with a light heart. It’s not a movie that’s made for cinematic value, so I hope they don’t criticize it part by part. I hope they just take it lightly. The same goes for actress Sung Yuri. I hope people don’t analyze me, but just see me as an actress that they can laugh with and enjoy.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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