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[Interview Part 2] Kang Ji Hwan of ′Detective Cha′ Wants to Be Nominated for His Role

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2012.06.10 21:00 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

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For his movie, Kang Ji Hwan threw his whole self into not only the production process, but its advertising process as well.

At his press conference, his laptop computer had the background ‘Please look kindly on me’ written on the wallpaper while a trot song from the movie played.

[Interview Part 2] Kang Ji Hwan of ′Detective Cha′ Wants to Be Nominated for His Role

“I wouldn’t have done an interview like this for no reason. If I’m going to do an interview I’ll do my best, as I think an actor should for the movie he’s in. As actors, this is a sort of product for us and we’re sensitive to the box office results. It’s meaningless if we produce a movie people don’t’ watch. I’m checking [the box office results] daily,” shared Kang Ji Hwan.

Kang Ji Hwan even decided to appear in variety programs which he hasn’t done previously. Though having a phobia of variety programs, he recently appeared in a sketch on KBS’ Gag Concert.

He added, “It’s slightly discomforting to share my privacy for the sake of a movie. It’s also uncomfortable seeing the public try to find an issue with my life. But I know it helps for the advertising of the movie so I gave it a shot this time.”

Kang Ji Hwan even candidly confessed he’d like to see his name nominated for an award for his role saying, “When doing a comedy movie, there’s a low perception from the public. It’s difficult for characters like Rambo or Terminator to receive an Oscar Award no matter how much they move the public. But after doing so many different movies, I can tell you making viewers laugh in a comedy movie is more difficult than doing a dying scene. I know it’s impossible to receive a nomination in a comedy movie. But I’d like to even just receive a nomination. Just doing that would help make this appearance more worthwhile.”

He continued, “It’s not receiving the prize that’s important, but receiving recognition as an actor. That’s the funny thing about prizes. It’s not a guarantee nor does it necessarily mean more offers will come in, but it’s a recognition of an actor’s efforts. If they do give it to me, of course I’ll receive it.”

[Interview Part 2] Kang Ji Hwan of ′Detective Cha′ Wants to Be Nominated for His Role

The 1977-born Kang Ji Hwan began as a musical actor before making his big screen debut in 2003. Though starting late, Kang Ji Hwan puts in the efforts of a veteran.

He shared, “The period as a unknown actor was really difficult. Though I wanted to spend money, my time in my twenties as an unknown actor really brought down my self-confidence. I was going to become a salesperson if I still didn’t hit it big by my thirties I had no money, the future was bleak and I had no answer to my problems. My friends would all succeed and move on up, but I found myself going nowhere. But right at the age of 29 I found my place and began moving up.”

When asked what sort of movie Detective Cha was to him, Kang Ji Hwan answered, “My life’s turning point movie. The movie is a turning point for me in my mid-thirties. I hope the results are good as well.”

Kang Ji Hwan added he would be making surprise appearances at theaters for Detective Cha. If one is to attend a screening of Detective Cha and find his or her self seated next to Kang Ji Hwan, that individual will truly be a lucky person.

Photo credit Kim Byung Kwan

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