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[Interview Part 1] Kang Ji Hwan Opens Up About Being A Fat and Dirty Detective

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2012.06.10 10:41 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

“My image will be become that of a comedy actor,” but later he stated, “I’m a mellow movie actor so there’s no chance of [me becoming typecast as a comedy actor].” This is actor Kang Ji Hwan.

Kang Ji Hwan, who showed his comedic chops through My Girlfriend is an Agent has now fully changed his image with Detective Cha.

Detective Cha is a comedic movie in which a beer-belly detective hits the runway as a model to complete his mission.

[Interview Part 1] Kang Ji Hwan Opens Up About Being A Fat and Dirty Detective

For his role in the movie, Kang Ji Hwan gained 12 kg and later shed 15 kg during the movie’s filming. Many women will understand the pain of dieting Kang Ji Hwan went through.

Kang Ji Hwan told enews, “The most difficult part was losing the weight.” To show the dramatic weight loss in the movie, Kang Ji Hwan lost 3-4 kg more than his normal weight. Since then, the actor has gained a little more. However, he added, “If it was a traditional movie, I would be more proud of the weight gain and loss, but since it’s a comedy movie, I feel like my efforts have been slightly overlooked.”

In addition to being overweight, the role of detective Cha was a dirty and messy one. For this role, the normally dandy Kang Ji Hwan completely shed his former image. Just seeing Kang in his dramatic fashion for his role elicits laughter.

In the movie, Kang Ji Hwan wears a broken Batman belt and puts his dress pants inside his socks to meet fashion designer Go Young Jae (Sung Yuri). This astounding fashion and scene was all made by Kang himself.

[Interview Part 1] Kang Ji Hwan Opens Up About Being A Fat and Dirty Detective

“To study ‘homeless fashion’, I visited Yeongdeungpo Station, Seoul Station and Cheongryangri Station. One day there was a free ramen day for the homeless at Yeongdeungpo Station which I attended and gained a lot of fashion ideas from. I bought my clothes at the marketplace and I wore my Batman belt as a fashion statement, but due to trademark rights, I broke off [part of the belt],” said Kang Ji Hwan.

Fashion isn’t the only thing the actor prepared. Kang prepared many ad-libs for his role that weren’t in the script. Teaming up with the director of My Girlfriend is an Agent once more, director Shin Tae Ra left much of the dialogue up to him.

“The scenes where detective Cha looks after his health with traditional medicine and where his sweat soaked socks stands out were all from my head. The scene where I’m singing as Sung Yuri applies makeup to my wound was also thought of by me,” said Kang Ji Hwan.

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